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RPG400 Interview Questions
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what is estimation? and what is the level identifier parameter in PF?


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IN RLU what are the record level keyword is used?

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what built in function can be used with SETLL.If you want to check whether the search argument is successful or not? Please give me answer with example?

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what is mean by *MAP and *DROP?what commands use these two keywords?why are they used?

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Please tell me how to read the records from a file with load an array of size with error conditions(The logic answer for this question is ARR is array of 99 elements Z-ADD 0 IDX *LOVAL SETLL FILE READ FILE 99 *IN99 DOWEQ *OFF IDX ANDLT 99 ADD 1 IDX MOVE FIELD ARR,IDX READ FILE 99 ENDDO).So,Please give me the complete of this code.


Can anybody tell me that why we use option(*nodebugio)in H- Spec?

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can anybody help me that what is the procedure of debugging the service program?


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You have a *USE authority on a Library and *All authority on a file in that Library.Can you change the data in that file?

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I have a RPG program of 100 Lines and first line is to SETON indicator LR. Will the program execute rest of the 99 Lines?

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How to update selected fields from pf without using update opcode. How to read all member in Rpg-3,without using any cl command?

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I have some doubts on subfile----------- -----I wrote a prog on subfile to display the records. Every thing is clear but i defined a field called "opt" as input field in subfile record format from that input field i wish to enter into new screen called "EDIT" which i created it as a separate RCD in display file. i gave opt as 2 for edit just like in WRKMBRPDM screen please telll me the code and how can i code for it in RPG.

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What will happen if we r using seton lr after return or vice versa.

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One of the job in subsystem is in Running status,expected time to complete this job is 2 minutes. But from last 5 -10 minutes this job is still in running status....What are the possible reasons...and What are the actions i need to perform to check this...?

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Can anybody tell me in which scenario we have to use SQLRPG .(Embeded SQL)....?


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What will be the value of STRING after line 0106 is executed in the code below? 0101 E* Fromfiletofile..tabnameprnentlenpdatabnamlenpda 0102 E ARR 8 1 0103 ISTRING DS 0104 I 1 8 ARR 0105 C MOVE *BLANK STRING 0106 C MOVEA'ABC' ARR A) 'AAAAAAAA' B) 'BBBBBBBB' C) 'CCCCCCCC' D) 'ABC ' E) ' ABC'

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Set on command is used for closed all opened files , initialize var and release resource , return cmd is used for return to calling program but my req. Is dnt close opened files and resource must released while doing transactions , how can i do this...?


during execution, an rpg/400 program automatically follows a sequence of operations for each record that is processed. The built-in program cycle includes the following logical steps.


Why Rpg/400 is Famous?


We have job which is running as batch. It takes atleast 06 hours to complete tht job. But I wanna do tht job with in 3 hours?


How to create a login screen using a command instead of display file.... intention is to get a password field on a command..... how do you achieve this...


Q:Hi all,i want accurate answer with code using in built functions.please sent me code as soon as posible. I have program nmed PGM1 which '' RETRIEVE Current production date''should correctly default the production date for the user who is issuing raw materials to the manufacturing.The production date can be different from the celendra date. However, the program does not make the correct adjustment for all manufacturing plants. there is a parameter which determines the production start time e.g. 07:00 if the system time precedes this,the program subtracts one from the celendra day.This work fine when the celendar day starts after production day as it does in England,the system should be adding one to the celendar day during the overlap. unfortunately the program was desined to assumed the celendar day always starts before the production day. Change required in the program: Change the PROGRAM PGM1 to use the new parrameter to decide whether to add or subtract 1 from the celendar day when determining the production date.


how do I declare a minor?


RETRIVING DELETED RECORDS :- I'm frequently asked how to retrieve deleted records from an unjournaled physical file when the deleted records have not yet been removed from the file. Utility UNDEL lets you undelete records in a physical file. This public domain program is available in CISC and RISC versions, and the complete source code is available for download at: UNDEL for AS/400 Save File (RISC): UNDEL for AS/400 Save File (CISC): UNDEL for AS/400 Save File (Source code): The utility takes advantage of the fact that deleted records in physical files are only flagged as deleted, and the record data still exists until it is overwritten or the file is reorganized with a utility such as RGZPFM. UNDEL simply reads the deleted record, then reuses the record by writing over it with the new record (thus eliminating the flag for the deleted record). Some homegrown and commercial utilities copy the file containing undeleted records to a save file, then use a program to read the save file, which contains live and undeleted records, to a file to undelete the records. The UNDEL utility is superior to the SAVF technique because there's no need to copy the file to a save file, which is especially important for really large files. When run, UNDEL displays the physical file records in their unformatted, raw text form. You can either position the display to a given relative record number or use F19 or F20 to find the previous and next deleted record, respectively. The utility also includes online help, which is almost unheard of for free utilities. Other utilities include the ability to undelete records. You can use the RTVDLTRCD command in the old QUSRTOOL (no longer supported by IBM). QUSRTOOL is now a commercial product called TAA Productivity Tools ( ). The free file editor WRKDBF has a built-in undelete capability ( ), and several commercial file editors can undelete records. For a complete list of file editors, go to, select "Programmer Tools" under "Product Category," then select "File Editors."


How to define data area in RPG program? In which scenario multi occurrence DS is use in AS400?


Suppose I have 3 jobs a b and c. I want to submit b after successful completion of a and want to submit c after successful completion of b. Without using job scheduler or job queue, how can I do that through cl program?


what is program status data structure?


write an RPG program to calculate the marks of 5 students (A,B, C, D, E)in 3 different subjects (eng, math, sci) an display on the screen


How to call one program from another program in RPG? please help me with the code


What is difference between bind by copy and bind by reference?


what is an online rpg?