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RPG400 Interview Questions
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In case if I want to know whether a record exists in a file, which one do you prefer CHAIN or a SETLL and why ?

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How to create a login screen using a command instead of display file.... intention is to get a password field on a command..... how do you achieve this...


I have a file .In that file i have 3 fields. Those fields are eno, ename, esal.Keyfield is eno. In that file i have data like this for eno 1,2,3,4,5. Now i need to display 2nd record. That means i need to set the pointer on 2nd record... Then, write the complete rpg program using setll.

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When it is desirable to describe files Internally?


How Chain operation copies the record's data to the input buffer for the program?



Interviewer asked me write down DDS for load all subfile .can anybody write dds


How to call one program from another program in RPG? please help me with the code



Write a program to display prime numbers between 1 to 100 using RPGLE.

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How to add 2 new fields in a file? How many ways are there in as400?

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How to print Superscript / Subscript from RPG400

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A rpg or clp command to find if the file field is defined as a character or numeric field.



what is the necessary keyword needed to scroll subfile records?



can I touch the array during treatments?



can you debug ile rpg program using isdb?



check existence of one record without using chain or read?



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how do I declare a minor?


Assume my file has 100 records and I want to see only first 10 records. Is this possible through lf?


what is file information data structure?


Suppose we have one database file and it is used by 5 programs and in 3 program we have to add some records in datbase file s what is the impact on other program?


do you use message subfiles? What are the necessary keywords required coding a message subfile?


What are the types of identifiers?


How to write record if no field or the field are different in physical file in rpgle ?


what is *place and *auto keyword in prtf ?plz explain


What is the difference between iter and do?


which program rpg or cl is efficent to update a transaction onto a database file and why ?


how can you display specific subfile page on the screen in unequal subfile?


what is the difference between do while and do until?


what is a rpg?


Q:HI friends accually ihave one problem plesase let me know the alternate code of this code. Related field description of code: Add a field, CALvsPRD, "Calendar Day Starts Before/After Production Day" to the parameter set WRKORDER which accepts values 'A' or 'B' o B = Calendar Day Starts Before Production Day o A = Calendar Day Starts After Production Day o Any other value indicates the production and calendar dates are always the same. code: Automatic Execution Of *INZSR Subroutine /Z01 * retrieves WRKORDER field values. /Z01 * Calculate default Production Date and return it to caller. /Z01 * Production date defaults to system date /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate = %DATE() /Z01 * unless Calendar date starts Before PDN(production) date and /Z01 * system time is before PDN Start Time then /Z01 * PDN date is yesterday. /Z01 C If W@CALvsPRD = 'B' and /Z01 C %TIME() < %TIME (W@Strtime) /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate -= %Day(1) /Z01 * unless Calendar date starts After PDN date and /Z01 * system time is *GE PDN(production) Start Time then /Z01 * PDN date is tomorrow. /Z01 C ElseIf W@CALvsPRD = 'A' and W@Strtime > *Zero and /Z01 C %TIME() >= %TIME (W@STrtime) /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate += %Day(1) /Z01 C EndIf /Z01 C Eval *InLr = *On


how do you use commitment control in rpg?