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You have a *USE authority on a Library and *All authority
on a file in that Library.Can you change the data in that

You have a *USE authority on a Library and *All authority on a file in that Library.Can you change..

Answer / vikas

Yes we can change data on file.

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I have some doubts on subfile----------- -----I wrote a prog on subfile to display the records. Every thing is clear but i defined a field called "opt" as input field in subfile record format from that input field i wish to enter into new screen called "EDIT" which i created it as a separate RCD in display file. i gave opt as 2 for edit just like in WRKMBRPDM screen please telll me the code and how can i code for it in RPG.

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Hi,Please give me complete code with this logic. The question is how to read the records from a file with load an array of size with error condition? (The logic is Z-Add 0 IDX *LOVAL SETLL FILE READ FILE 99 *IN9 DOWEQ *OFF IDX ANDLT 99 ADD 1 IDX MOVE FIELD ARR,IDX READ FILE 99 ENDDO)please give me complete code with explanation?

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