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RPG400 Interview Questions
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I know whole thing ab't Arrays related to declaration..can anyone tell me what exactly use of array or anyone faced a situation where he found use of array must....

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Suppose i am having 3 programs PgmA,pgmB,pgmC and using source debugger. At debugging time i found that pgmC having some code error..then in debug mode directly how can i debug pgmC

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What is the diff bw PF/LF Name and their Record format name? what is restriction in record format then file name?



Mr.Yallamanda Reddy P thanks for your answer sir,can we use test(D) opcode in RPG/400,if yes please help me by eloborating on that answer by writing a sample code for that sir


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Have a join logical file with more than one members with different record formats. So how can we read the different members from this file and also how we can read the different record format from the join logical?

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wat is curser?? and its types???


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How to declare the more than one file in cl/400.


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Mr.Sidc sirfor my question{how to convert date format from one format to another i think in CL/400 its CVTDAT,Please tell in RPG/400 sir not in RPGILE} you have answered using MOVE opcode,can you illustrate me with a small example sir very kind of you.

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when will come session device error?


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This is my Physical file 'EMPS' existing in library "TAMIL1" and its record format is 'EMPRCD" a)its source is R EMPRCD ENO 4 0 ENAME 10 EADD 10 b)The records present in EMPS are as follows ENO ENAME EADD 0001 tamil coimbatore 0002 kumar bangalore 0003 sunder bangalore 0004 arunkumar chennai 0005 pandi hyderabad 0006 santhosh hyderabad 0007 sasi salem 0008 kalai chennai 0009 suresh hyderabad 0010 vijay bangalore 0011 Arul chennai 0012 velu chennai 0013 khan bangalore 0014 praba chennai 0015 praba.p coimbatore 0016 anand ooty 0017 raja erode 0018 sankar erode 0019 vadivel namakkal 0020 anbu chennai 0021 Ajith mumabi c)now i want to select the 'ENAME' field records starting with 'S' for that i have created a RPG program its source code is PGM DCLF FILE(TAMIL1/EMPS) DCL VAR(&MYENO) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(4) OVRDBF FILE(EMPS) SHARE(*YES) OPNQRYF FILE((TAMIL1/EMPS)) QRYSLT('ENAME *EQ %WLDCRD("S *")') READ: RCVF RCDFMT(EMPRCD) MONMSG MSGID(CPF0864) EXEC(GOTO CMDLBL(END)) CHGVAR VAR(&MYENO) VALUE(&ENO) SNDUSRMSG MSG(&MYENO) SNDUSRMSG MSG(&ENAME) SNDUSRMSG MSG(&EADD) GOTO READ END: CLOF OPNID(EMPS) DLTOVR FILE(EMPS) ENDPGM Is this coding correct sir,the program gets compiled,and if i call it it says query running but records are not displayed.please help me out


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I have learnt through Net that Debugging a Batch job involves 1. Submit the job with the HOLD (*YES) parameter: SBMJOB HOLD(*YES) or Hold the job queue that before submitting the job by using the HLDJOBQ command. 2. Determine the job name, user, and number of the submitted job by using the WRKSBMJOB command. 3. Type the Start Service Job command on your screen: STRSRVJOB JOB(job name/user/number) 4. Type the Start Debug command on your screen: STRDBG 5. Release the job in the jobq. Type WRKSBMJOB and then put a 6 beside the job to be released and press enter, or, if the job queue was put on hold, release the job queue with the RLSJOBQ command. 6. A display appears when the job is ready to start, saying that you can now begin debugging the job. Press F10 to show the Command Entry display. 7. Now you can start debugging by entering an Add Break Point command: ADDBKP 8.ENDDBG 9.ENDSRVJOB I tried this for RPG/400 Program and up to six steps of the above it's ok,but for me no source is displayed and i typed DSPMODSRC in Command line but still i can't see the sourceif i press F.10 and enter command ADDBKP i don't know how to add break points through it,usually i add break points using F.6 for Interactive job debugs,but since this is batch i don't know sir,Please help me out. I was asked this question in a interview,i know only RPG/400 and i’m asking for debugging of RPG/400 program only sir. or is it only possible to debug BATCH RPG ILE JOB and it is not possible to debug BATCH RPG/400 JOB kindly help me out sir


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Are all these RPG/400 Interviewed Questions being asked recently? are current?

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can anyone say,what is the use of operation extended H/N/P?

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How to update physical file in rpgle without using display file?

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How to declare the pull button in AS/400..


How to define data area in RPG program? In which scenario multi occurrence DS is use in AS400?


Q:HI friends accually ihave one problem plesase let me know the alternate code of this code. Related field description of code: Add a field, CALvsPRD, "Calendar Day Starts Before/After Production Day" to the parameter set WRKORDER which accepts values 'A' or 'B' o B = Calendar Day Starts Before Production Day o A = Calendar Day Starts After Production Day o Any other value indicates the production and calendar dates are always the same. code: Automatic Execution Of *INZSR Subroutine /Z01 * retrieves WRKORDER field values. /Z01 * Calculate default Production Date and return it to caller. /Z01 * Production date defaults to system date /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate = %DATE() /Z01 * unless Calendar date starts Before PDN(production) date and /Z01 * system time is before PDN Start Time then /Z01 * PDN date is yesterday. /Z01 C If W@CALvsPRD = 'B' and /Z01 C %TIME() < %TIME (W@Strtime) /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate -= %Day(1) /Z01 * unless Calendar date starts After PDN date and /Z01 * system time is *GE PDN(production) Start Time then /Z01 * PDN date is tomorrow. /Z01 C ElseIf W@CALvsPRD = 'A' and W@Strtime > *Zero and /Z01 C %TIME() >= %TIME (W@STrtime) /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate += %Day(1) /Z01 C EndIf /Z01 C Eval *InLr = *On


how do I play {insert rpg system here}?


can any one help in hawkeye and turnover or any change management system plzzzzz or send the documents to my mail id


how can I tell when to replace the array?


How would display prime numbers using CL program?


what is file information data structure?


is this a rpg channel?


When we have a file with Duplicate records and I want to read the unique record from the file. For example a file containing Emp Name as 'Ram' and there are 3 entries of it. So how to read a unique record from File?


how does the rpg element work?


can you debug ile rpg program using isdb?


If my rpg program has a date field, what extra care I have to take while compiling that rpg program? If the file is keyed and I have declared the file as well as key list properly in my program. Still am getting an error message like "chain/reade operation is not allowed" what may be the case?




what is the procedure and explain about real time scenario.