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RPG400 Interview Questions
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can we perform CHAIN operation on Subfile record format....?

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Can we trigger an rpg program which has user interaction with display file when updating a file using the command ADDPFTRG?

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Can we have a Physical file without any member ? Please let me know

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what is use of sflnxtchg and use of MDT(modify data tag).both r same r not and can we use these on dspf and subfile.

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i have 1000 records in pf.what are all the ways to read a particular name records in rpg?? ie.. in pf i have a name called demo appeared around 52 times hw will we read this particular records in rpg/400?.


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What is the name of default out queue when user logs inn to syatem with valid profile?


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list down and describe the sub systems vailable


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how to check on which PF , the LF is dependant ?


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How to find d key field of a pf that doesn’t have source physical file?

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The RP program is displaying records 11 times .But there are 10 records in a pf.(ie last record is displayed twice).How to display records only 10 times?

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How to find d key field of a pf that doesn’t have source physical file?

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Write the subfile logic program for the given concept. Load the data to the subfile depends upon the designation where designation is not a key field?


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What is the difference between inner join @ outer join

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Can anybody tell me the setps to create .csv file in IFS folder on AS/400. I also need to know how I can send this .csv file to PC in xls sheet.....?

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Difference between creating a report using Printer file and WRKQRY(Query Report) ?

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What is the purpose of record level identifier?


Hi Viewers can any body explain me how to update and ahange the already existed data in physical file using subfile ? please explain me with the code if possible?


If I have a file with 5 record and that file has 2 Key field and I want to read the unique record of the file then how can we achieve it?


how do I do concatenation in rpg iv, like I do in cl?


How would display prime numbers using CL program?


How to create a login screen using a command instead of display file.... intention is to get a password field on a command..... how do you achieve this...


are there any useful c runtime apis that I can call from rpg iv?


1.Load an runtime array of length 99 from the pf and you want to handle all the possible errors?


1. If there are two programs using same file and 2 users are using the file at the same time and what can be done to allow them both to access? 2. How can remove lock from the file for accessing it by both users?


is this a rpg channel?


how do I play {insert rpg system here}?


Assume 2 users are using the same file and first user updates some record in the file. Will the 2nd user will be able to see the updated record or not?


Q:Hi all,i want accurate answer with code using in built functions.please sent me code as soon as posible. I have program nmed PGM1 which '' RETRIEVE Current production date''should correctly default the production date for the user who is issuing raw materials to the manufacturing.The production date can be different from the celendra date. However, the program does not make the correct adjustment for all manufacturing plants. there is a parameter which determines the production start time e.g. 07:00 if the system time precedes this,the program subtracts one from the celendra day.This work fine when the celendar day starts after production day as it does in England,the system should be adding one to the celendar day during the overlap. unfortunately the program was desined to assumed the celendar day always starts before the production day. Change required in the program: Change the PROGRAM PGM1 to use the new parrameter to decide whether to add or subtract 1 from the celendar day when determining the production date.


what is flat file?


How to call one program from another program in RPG? please help me with the code