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COBOL Interview Questions
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What is the difference between static call & Dynamic call?


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What is 77 level used for ?

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What is report-item?


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What is the difference between SEARCH and SEARCH ALL? What is more efficient?

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How do you code Cobol to access a parameter that has been defined in JCL?

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What is the different between index and subscript?

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What is Comm?

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COMP-3 field occupy ?

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What is the difference between a subscript and an index in a table definition?


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What will happen if you code GO BACK instead of STOP RUN in a stand alone COBOL program ?

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What is the Importance of GLOBAL clause According to new standards of COBOL?


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What is the file organization clause ?

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What is an in-line perform ?


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What R 2 of the common forms of the EVALUATE STATEMENT ?

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Name some of the examples of COBOl 11?



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What is the difference between structured cobol programming and object alternativelyiented cobol?


how can i see junk values in dclgen or in hostvariable of comp ?


How you can characterize tables in cobol?


explain sorting techniques in cobol program?


What is the difference between Global and External Variables?


What is redefines clause in COBOL?


how do you reference the esds vsam file formats from cobol programs


What the difference is between continue and next sentence?


Differentiate cobol and cobol-ii. (Most of our programs are written in cobolii, so, it is good to know, how, this is different from cobol)?


what happens if parmparameter passes zero bytes to the program


What are the cobol coding sheets?


Define static linking and dynamic linking.


input 1 input2 ouput1 output2 output 3 1 re 300 1 re 200 1 re 300 3 rc 500 1 re 200 2 rr 400 1 re 300 2 rr 400 1 rc 400 3 rc 500 1 rc 400 2 rr 700 2 rr 700 5 tt 900 5 tt 900 2 inputs r in flat file and output 1 is matched records,ouptput2 is unmatched of input1,output3 is unmatched of input2! how vl u get the output files using sequential order and to check with each and every records! let me know the procedure division ?


There are 5 fields and 1000 records in a file. Unload it into an array. Write the syntax for declaration and how will you unload it.


Define cobol?