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COBOL Interview Questions
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In a program, variables are used but no DB2 involved in it. Can you call it as host variables??


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Hi All, Can anyone tell me how we can MOVE value of a X(19) variable to a S9(17) COMP-3 variable? Answer with an Example will be of great help.


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Hi All, how is sign is stored in S9(17) comp-3 variable. Answer with an Example will be of great help.


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i have the job which has written updated 100 records into the table and for 101th record it got abended and i want to start the job again and should wirte from 101th record not from 1st to do it..?

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what are the control characters used in reports

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1.Can we define condition-name conditions in FD entry.

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1.What is the limit of linkage section?

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can we use the two 01 level in file discription ?

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Hai friends why we need to read a file before re-write a record?


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what are the limitations of Inline Perform?


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What is IMPACT analysis?


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We have 3 programms A,B,C.In the middle of the program A the controls goes to program B and in the middle of the program B control wants to go program C,after completion of program C again control comes to program B and again after completion of program B control comes to program A.How the process will takes and what are the controls we use for that process.If it is possible anybody of you explain with example?


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how to submit a jcl by cobol program. clear me with an example.


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Explain about level numbers?

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Explain about Redefines cluse?


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What is redefines clause in COBOL?


What is the use of LINKAGE SECTION?


Whats the difference between search & search ALL?


What the difference is between continue and next sentence?


How to use the same COBOL program in Batch and CICS on lines? explain with an example


What is the Purpose of Pointer in the string?


how do you reference the printer file formats from cobol programs


Define in-line perform?


What is the local-storage section?


how do you reference the fixed unblock file formats from cobol programs


What is link edit in cobol?


What is the compute verb? How is it used?


I need to compare 3 variables(dates) and do some processing based on the earliest date. There could be more then 1 date record in any of the 3 fields. What is the best way to code this?


how do you reference the ksds vsam file formats from cobol programs


How do u write test cases?