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COBOL Interview Questions
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Q:what is the difference between the variable length and fixed it varies in the cobol.

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i have two file, each file having : file1 is having 2 fields field1 field2 file2 is having 3 fields field1 field2 field3 my req is to make it one file like: field1 field2 field1 field2 field3 if anyone know please send me syntax, i tried this with DFSORT but could not succeed.


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1)what is the maximum limit for occurs? Eg: 01 A PIC X(10) OCCURS N TIME. What is the max value for N?


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How to find How Many Lines in Sysin DD * Parameter Thru Cobol Coding? If any one knows the Answer Please Reply .....Thanks From Shree

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select TURE Statement(s) aboUt eject statemenet in cobol? a)The eject statememnt must be the only statement on the line b.It causes the program to edit abnormally c. eject statement can be written in either area A or area B d. specifies that the next source statement is to be printed at Top of the next page e.The EJECTstatement has no effect on the compilation of the source program itself

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What is the difference between Perform para and perform asaection in cobol?


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Minimum how many Number of Paragraphs are there in ID- Divison?


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With in these three which one is the default one Call Reference, Call By Value, Call By Content.-Which one is default?


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SSRange is used to do a range check on which of the Following. SUBSCRIPT,INDEX,REFERENCE MODIFICATION,Run-time option.

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Can you please let me know the centre name of INS certification in Kolkata.


what is mainframe? what is the mainframe software ? what is use in s/w field?


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what is the basic concept of mainframe? what knowledge is needed for learn this mainframe?

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How we copy a program from production region to development region.What is the process & syntax ?


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Explain complete concept of table handling in COBOL with an example?

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how many bytes do SPPPP999 will store?

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How to remove the spaces at the end of each record in the output file of variable length, via cobol program?


Whats the difference between search & search ALL?


1.Is it possible to move the data from 99.99 to 99v99? 2.What is the CICS-vsam Compilation process? 3.In My GDG 5 generation will be there GDG3 got an abend what will happen? 4.In my GDG first generation is +1 And I want to add the new generation what will happen previous generation? 5.How can you give the PIC clause below conditions A). s9 (reddy), B). s9 (5) occurs 5 times? 6.How override the proc from a particular step? and what is symbolic and override Procs?


how do you reference the ksds vsam file formats from cobol programs


Which division and paragraphs are mandatory for a COBOL program?


What is the difference between perform … with test after and perform … with test before?


I have one ps file in which there are 3 fileds emp_no,emp_name and leave_app.this ps file information give the detail of employee which is going to apply for leave.suppose emp_no=113430,emp_name=ajay,leave_app=1 that means he is going to apply for 1 day leave.and accordingling the table in db2 will be updated means if he has that no of leave in his account then he will get dat leave and updated acc. in table(leave_balance=previous leave present in table-leave_app).Now i want to check whther the updated result is correct or not by comparing the two ps file using IEBCOMPARE or icetool so what is going to be the two ps file and how its is going to be compare.


What is amode(24), amode(31), rmode(24) and rmode(any) (applicable to only mvsesa enterprise server) ?


What is length is cobol?


What is the Purpose of POINTER Phrase in STRING command in COBOL?


What type of SDLC u followed? Why?


How to find out the closest prime number of an input number? I believe it has something to do with SEARCH and COBOL Linear Array.


Write a cobol program making use of the redefine clause.


What is the LINKAGE SECTION used in COBOL?


What do you understand by psb and acb?