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Informatica Interview Questions
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how we can update a target table without update strategy and update override?


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what is target update override and when we use it?


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select count(1) from emp? what is the o/p?


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SOURECE Name id dept sal 1 a1 A 100 2 b1 B 200 3 c1 C 300 4 d1 D 400 TARGET: Name id dept sal 1 a1 A 100 2 b1 B 200 3 WER1 567 300 4 d1 D 400 I HAVE SOURCE AND TARGET. HOW TO VALIDATE DATA? TELL ME 5 STEPS ABOVE TABLE?


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Hi Friends, How i could convert a cobol file (VSAM) into the flat file? How i could edit a cobol source file (VSAM)? I want to introduce few columns in the source file and finally the target should be in the Cobol itself. Kindly suggest me friends. Thanks in Advance, Innai

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tell me some dimension tables names in banking domain informatica project(dont tell like depends on project, tell me names of dimension and fact table names in your project)?

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SOURCE DATA IS DISPLAY IN THIS FORMATE IN TARGET . WHAT BUSINESS LOGIC WE CAN APPLY. source table target table ------------ ------------ c1 c2 c3 c1 c2 c3 -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 A J 1 2 B K 2 A 3 C L 3 B J 4 D M 4 C K 5 E N 5 E L F M N



1,If there are 3 workflows are running and if 1st workflow fails then how could we start 2nd workflow or if 2nd workflow fails how could we start 3rd workflow?

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2,can we insert duplicate data with dynamic look up cache,if yes than why and if no why?


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3,if our source containing 1 terabyte data so while loading data into target what are the thing we keep in mind?


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differences between service based and product based?



my source having the records like ram 3 sam 5 tom 8 and i want to load into target like ram record 3 times,sam record 5 times, tom record 8 times


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Can we insert ,update ,delete in target tables with one update strategy tran.?


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why we use materialized view over view?


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can session assigned multiple mappings or not?


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How can informatica be used for an organization?


Which development components of informatica have the highest usage?


can any one explain about dataflow in the informatica project for bank domain....thanks is advance


what is Active lock explain


h0w many versions have been developed of onformatica so far?


Hi all , I am planning for informatica S - PowerCenter 8 Mapping Design certification. I have rewuired the dumps for the same. if anyone of you having the same pl. share it with me. This will be of great help. My contact is : TIA , Sagar


What do think which one is the better joiner or look up?


How to create or implement slowly changing dimension (SCD) Type 2 Effective Date mapping in informatica/Flagging mapping in informatica/visioning mapping in informatica?


What is a joiner transformation?


What are the components of the workflow manager?


What are the components of workflow manager?


How does a sorter cache works?


What is the need of an ETL tool?


is it possible to index the data in cache of lkp transformation ?


Explain the features of connected and unconnected lookup.