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Informatica Interview Questions
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we have to use order by,where,having we to implement sql query


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in aggregator transformation we want to get middle record how to implement, source containg empno,name sal,deptno,address



in performance wise union is past,union all is past

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in oracle write query yourname+1 from dual

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split two strings into two columns For Eg. Source:-Full Name: Shiva Kumar Target:- First Name:Shiva Last Name:Kumar

Cap Gemini, TCS, Wipro,

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what is the difference between stop and abort

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tell me about your project functionality


tell me 7.x and 8.x diferrencess(but not transformations)

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tell me the rules and responsblites in our project(my project is development)


tell me the datawarehouse defination,and it is maintaing hystorical data meaning,what is the use

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what is the end to end process meaning in my project(my project is development)and functionality plz tell me


with out using update strategy transnsformation how to update the data in mapping level

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how to get the only updated records in the target

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how to get flatfile containg 10 records half records one target another half another target

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If we have 1000 rows were loaded in to datawarehouse and next day the source have 1010 rows so, how can we loaded only updated rows into target.


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Briefly define a session task?


How identifying bottlenecks in various components of informatica and resolving them?


Explain what are the different types of transformation available in informatica. And what are the mostly used ones among them?


What can we do to improve the performance of informatica aggregator transformation?


Is there any target staging area in informatica not staging area


What does refresh system mean, and what are its distinctive choice?


What is the need of an ETL tool?


What is an unconnected transformation?


Hello , I am unable to work with SQL transformation at least. Where do i need to give connection for sql transformaton ? At session level there is no property . I have created a SQL Transformation and chosen query mode. But do i need to pass connection information to it ? I don't know where do i need to write a query ? I have written a query in file and that file path i gave in the properties of SQL Transformation. But it is not working. Could any one of you please let know how can i work with SQL Transformation? Advance Thanks.


if we have a delimiters at unwanted places in a flat file how can we over come those.


Briefly define reusable transformation?


how to construct simple biogas digerter? please show me detail drawing and specification of simple biogas construction?


What do think which one is the better joiner or look up?


Explain the mapping variable usage example in informatica


Explain what is informatica metadata and where is it stored?