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What is Cognos script editor?


how tokens will generate?


in reporting we add some new objects,how we get the count of the newly added objects to the report


Please tell me which institute is the best to study Informatica and asp.net in chennai Also please send me the latest interview questions in asp.net,c# and sql server to my id ramtryin@gmail.com


i had a source containing business,sales,details column and i have to load it to a target but i have some bad records in it , but i have to load 70% of business records and 50% of sales and 95% of details records excluding bad records to achieve this what should be done and what all logic and tx should be used can anyone help? thanks in advance


Hello, Can you please send the admin and advanced mapping design sample questions to ns_sharmin@yahoo.com?


can anybody send me some real time screenshots of mapping in informatica powercenter. i will be vary thankful to him. my e-mail id :- prakashkumar.kumhar@gmail.com


what is index?how it can work in informatica


Hi, I want to do Informatica Designer certification. Can anyone help me by providing the details on this. Thanks in advance. Regards, Arnab


Hi all, Can you please send me the Dimensions and fact tables which are used in mutual fund project. and please send me the brief summary about the project. Please do the needful.


can any one explain about dataflow in the informatica project for bank domain....thanks is advance


What are the types of presistent cache in look up tr.


explain any diffcult scenario that u have faced in your experience... or explain any complex maping u have developed?


what is $$$$?


Tell me about your experience in informatica? what is best mark you can give yourself? How to answer this question?