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Informatica Interview Questions
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How do we come to know the Source data/file is ready/Updated in the source location, when the session is scheduled for @12:00AM and ready to run its job ? or Can we schedule the session, when the source is updated in source location without any time constraint?

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How could we generate the sequence of key values without using sequence generator transformation in the target ??

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What is incremental aggregation and how it is done?

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1.why we need to use unconnected transformation? 2.where we can static chach,dynamic chach


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we have table like cust_id,cust_name,cust_loc like this 1.we need to get perticular location,to do this we can use filter transformatin,that logic is same for relation table and flat file tabl?

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Plz can anybody send Informatica and Cognos FAQ Plz To thid ID

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Whatis the difference between View and Materialized View ?

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Without using any transformations how u can load the data into target?


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what is casual dimension?


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What is a diff between joiner and lookup transformation

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What is difference between Informatica 6.2 Workflow and Informatica Workflow 7.1


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Plz can anybody send Informatica and Cognos FAQ Plz To thid ID (or)


Plz can anybody send Informatica and Cognos FAQ Plz To thid ID

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In Real Time what are the scenarios u faced, what r the tough situations u have overcome, and explain about sessions.

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why cant we put a sequence generator or upd strategy transformation before joiner transformation?


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How do you update the records with or without using update strategy?


How to generate sequence numbers?


Where do we use mapping variables in informatica?


How many ways a relational source definition can be updated and what are they?


How to open an older version of an object in the workspace?


What is a code page?


What is mapping debugger?


What are Dimensional table?


Can you generate sequence numbers without using the sequence generator transformation?


hi friends .i designed mapping in windows but i want to run mapping in linux.should i install the server components in linux?


What are the reusable transformations?


What is the benefit of partitioning a session?


What is the use of code page?


in reporting we add some new objects,how we get the count of the newly added objects to the report


I am new to informatica and learning it,can anybody please tell me how we receive source as flat file in informatica,from where we get this flat file?