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Informatica Interview Questions
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Can any body tell about the (UTC) unit test cases with the examples in informatica.

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What is Factless fact table ???

Satyam, Tech Mahindra,

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explain the scenario for bulk loading and the normal loading option in Informatica Work flow manager ???


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In router source is a boy age 20 I given 3 conditions in router a>20, a<=20, a=20 which one exit first?

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How will u find weather dimension table is big in size of a fact table?

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How will u pas the data with out debugger?

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Flat file heaving 1 lack records and I want to push 52000 records to the target?

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I have 1200 records how can u send it in aggregator with good performance issues?

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what is the logic will you implement to load data into a fact table from n dimension tables?


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Why is meant by direct and indirect loading options in sessions?

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In a scenario I want to change the dimensions of a table and normalize the denomralized table which transformation can I use?

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What is the method of loading 5 flat files of having same structure to a single target and which transformations I can use?


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On a day, I load 10 rows in my target and on next day if I get 10 more rows to be added to my target out of which 5 are updated rows how can I send them to target? How can I insert and update the record?

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In a scenario I have col1, col2, col3, under that 1,x,y, and 2,a,b and I want in this form col1, col2 and 1,x and 1,y and 2,a and 2,b, what is the procedure?

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how do u move the code from development to production?

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How we can create indexes after completing the loan process?


What is data movement mode in Informatica and difference between them?


What is the procedure for creating independent data marts from informatica 7.1?


What are the tasks that source qualifier perform?


What do you mean by worklet?


Explain the different dimensions.


What are the restrictions of union transformation?


What is main use of mapplet?


What can we do to improve the performance of informatica aggregator transformation?


what is the end to end process meaning in my project(my project is development)and functionality plz tell me


How union transformation is used?


If I have 10 flat files with same name abc.txt files with different timestamps as source I need to load them in tgt table oracle. in between job execution fails and rows are not loaded into tgt. how can I make them load in that target even if my job fails?


Explain sessions and how many types of sessions are there?


I have two different source structure tables, but I want to load into single target table? How do I go about it? Explain in detail through mapping flow.


What does role playing dimension mean?