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Cognos Interview Questions
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hai dis Ashok Sahu I'm searhing on cognos.1 want realtime scenarios with solutions.persons having hands on experience in real time plz help me out.


what is session parameters? what is use?

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How to write the necessary TSQL to create data sets, pull the data sets in Cognos Report Studio WITHOUT using framework manager.


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architecture of cognos8

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What is meant by grouped star schema



How to maintain Query subject’s relationships between Database layer and Model Layer? For eg - if 2 DB layer's query subjects are copied in Model Layer - Query subjects respectively, then Where should we define relationship of both Query subjects? Either in DB layer or Model layer?


Please answer me the below questions, It's really urgent, and ur help would be appreciated. 1. What is looping in FM? How do u control it 2. How do u create IQDs in FM? Explain 3. What are the diff u noticed between Cognos 8.2 and Cognos 8.4 4. Can we use cube as a data source? How 5. How do u connect ur database in FM? do u connect directly 6. What's the structure of your database? Say u use Oracle 7. Did you use tables or views to bring the data from your DB 8. Does the dimensions of analysis studio have hierarchy? 9. Did you create any dashboards? How u created, explain


What is the concept of using Dimension allocation "By Measure"? How Transformer use when computing the Base measue?



Can u solve a small query on table the problem is whether it is possible to add extra cells for already existed table i.e if table contains 3 rows n 4 cols (3*4) it is possible to add another cell (4*4)

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How u provide security to reports in report studio or in cognos connection?

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In a Single page we are having 3 list. While running each has to populated in separate page?


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A list box contains 1000 records, while running the list, inside the header the content has to scroll down. Note the header should not go up?

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whats the difference between previous version of cognos and cognos 8 BI?


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why u need to publish the package?


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how u create cubes in ur project


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Can we test the report other than manual testing?


Can you define a query subject?


New coloums are added in database, then how you know in report level


Define datastores in cognos?


what are the filters in framework manager and report studio?


-----------Diff b/w OLAP and RDBMS?


What errors and types of errors you faced in Cognos ReportNet?


How Metrics Studio is better than Report Studio?


Explain the difference between native sql and cognos sql?


------------ Diff b/w MemberCaption and MemberDescription?


What you mean by drill across and what is the difference between drill through, drill across?


hi friends pls forward impropmtu interview question


what is model and say about process how to create model and how to test model?


what are the features in cognos8ui


What is the difference between regular dimension and derminant?