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Cognos Interview Questions
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Can we install cognos on windows 7?

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can any one pls send me the project flow at the time of interview


how can i provide security to my reports in report studio?


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It is possible to select more query items in value prompt? i.e when i use drag down i want to display these items like customerid in customer query subject, employeeid in employee query subject and orderid in order query subject..?becoz i want u display when i select a value(ex:customerid)in value prompt ,i need to display another report for all details customer.So, i need how to link for that process...? pls tel me any one knows ,i want to create that report..? thanks , basha


what is reprompt?


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hi, while opening the cognos8 in ie,the home page is coming,while clicking the report studio the blank page will come after it will showing the home page.But by clicking the cognos connection,Query studio in the same page it's open successfully. only for the report,analysis,event studio is not working properly.i didnot understanding the problem.Iam using the cognos8.1 and sql server 2005.and also checking the cognos connection by clicking the run and its success. Any one Knows pls tel me in detail,becoz its very important iam working in report studio...

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Where do i get Free COGNOS 8 Certification Dumps Downloaded for these codes COG-105, COG-112, COG-122, COG-125, COG-132, COG-135, COG- 142, COG-145, COG-180, COG-200, COG-205, COG-300, COG-310, COG-400, COG-480

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It is possible to give 2 query items has measures in cross tab?for ex:row as products,column as year and measure as revenue,sales that.It is possible r not ?If it's possible pls tel me the process....

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is it possible to display the column names in first page but not in remaining pages i.e if a report contains 10 pages column names should be displayed in 1st page but not remaining pages ( 2 to 10)

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How to identify in report that is apply as a detail or summary filter?By looking the report have to identify the report has applied as detail or summary filter to that report?

Mind Tree,

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hi, I want to create this report... List View--- -(Drop down list) Order Date From: \/ To: Customer Employee Order customer ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------ customer c-name c-address c-phone c- city.................... ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ----- c-id c-type . . . ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ---- Employee .............same like one list Order.....................same like one list These are all in one page....i want u show... condtions *when i select in view type ex:employee and date as 10-05- 2007 to 10-05-2010 I need to go the employee list table and display the items .. And Iam trying in value prompt for creating of (cust,emp,ord)in a single value prompt,that will not created... and how to create 3-list and connection for those in value prompt.. Pls any one knows explain me (by step by step) of creating that report? Thanks Vannur


how can i test the reports in cognos


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when can i use the STAR Schema and SNOWFLAKE Scgena


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wht is the reason for using sql queries in the report 1. inorder drag the items to conatiner we can use use packages but wht is the neccessity of using sql queries to drag the items into the container


In my Report C-id c-name Revenue are the query items I need to display the report has Alternative colors for rows and Revenue >=1000 has display in another color? i.e Both c-id,c-name are applying the alternative color(red,yellow) condition and revenue (blue) u think..How its possible? Iam doing for alternative colors i defined Two dataitems as running-count and Mod... and next in Boolean varaible define as [Query1].[Data Item2] = 1 or 0 and [Query1].[Revenue]>=1000 as like this (it's correct or not) and define in condition explorer yes and no purpose two colors(here how to define 4 revenue color) By selecting the list columns body style its applying only the Body and run report it working only for alternative colors Next i defined by using same Boolean condition for revenue like this. For selecting only the Revenue Body and define as yes 4 one color and no for another color? But here it the revenue column also applying only the alternative color condition and it's taking the >=1000 condition... So,i need to display 2 columns have alternative colors and 3rd column >=1000 cell have another color any body pls give me the replay/answer in step wise..... Thank u Basha



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5. Which type of report you build more, list, crosstab or chart and why?


Hi all... how can we publish packages using bmp scripts to Path:Public Folder Packages Folder


where you can save the report net documentation in our local system?


What is the difference between Section and Section using Master/Detail in Cognos 8 Report Studio? I tried these both options many times on lists and crosstabs, but dint find any difference. So please give the answer in detail with example.


what is requery in cognos?


How to generate the Catalog in Cognos? Basically all post describing generating the Catalog from cognos impromptu . Is there any way to generate the Catalog using Cognos Administration or Framework Manager?


what r the reports u faced critical and how it can be solved .. any once can u give a best ans for interviw


I have a reports on cognos ep7series version3 with database SQl2000.Now i am migrating database SQL2000 to SQL2005.Then What happens to cognos reports and also there is reports cubes then how can i handle this problem please give me step by step solution b'coz i am new to cognos ep7series


Can you define set to be cardinality?


Hi, I have Cognos 7.0 Impromptu reports and these reports have been created with the Mainframe datasource. Now the business needs these reports should be upgraded but with Oracle datasource. So what's the idea, first we should migrate these reports into ReportNet? then in that case what we will do with the Impromptu Catalog? Second, suppose we need to migrate these reports into Cognos 8 (may be 8.4) then how we will do that? do we need to create a FM Model for these reports. Please advice!


How to create model and how to test model?


What are the types of studio present in Cognos?


------------------What is Inline Query?


9. What was the most complex type of report you dealt with?


Source table has 5 rows. Rank in rank transformation is set to 10. How many rows the rank transformation will output?