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Business Objects Interview Questions
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Hi , can anybody explain me what is the need of migration ? and how to do it ? could plz explain me in detail?

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What is the stored procedure ? What is the need of stored procedure ? How to create a stored procedure Universe?


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Suppose i have the sinario like this column1: e1,e2,e3,e4 : column2: 1,0,1,0 : column3: M,F,M,F : in this i want to disply 1 is male and 0 is female which is added to the another column like column 4 what is the process?


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Can any please explain FOR EACH AND FOR ALL?

HCL, Infosys, TCS,

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How to Avoid the overlaping the blocks in WEBI.

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hi,in crystal report xI after select stantderd report Data window appear when ever i click Repository folder it ask me system/user name and p/w and when ever i put my info it says:Tranport falier :comunication error,can any body tell me what to do i already reinstall this s/w 3 times(every thing is working with same user name and p/w like xcelsois,webi,deski,desinger,cmc u name it..thanks


I have a situation like one manager can have multiple learners under him. each learner will registered for more than one certifications . their statuses for different courses like completed, inprogress, dropped, no certifications. the question is i have check for each user for statuses if he had some completed certifications i have to get latest completed date and omit all other stauses. if he had no complete staus then i have to get latest inprogress record based on date. like this i have to select only one record for user. but i am getting one row for each status. among all completion status one record, for all inprogress one record, for all dropped status one record. how can i show only one record



i want to creat 2way drilling using hyrarchies and hyperlinks...can anyone please help me


how to creat 2 way drilling mode.can any one know this


While at local system, u could get all records say 1 lakh, but while at server u got only 50000 records when u run the report. What could be the causes. How to Rectify this.



How to make hilight the whole row by using ALERTS asof revenue is more than xxxxx?


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i am getting multiple values from prompt like (Value1;Value2;Value3;Value4). how can i place space between values like (Value1; Value2; Value3; Value4)


if i hv 2 reports in one block... first report contains ten rows and second report contains 100 rows. my question is ....if i want to enter the values into first report(i want more than ten rows in first report) it possible to get ..


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Difference between Object varification and validation


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Explain what is the difference between business requirement document and use case document.


Explain which versions are used in the bo dashboard work?


What are all the points to keep in consideration, while we are migrating the Universes,Reports from BO5.1.6 to BO 6.5? Is is compatible to migrate like this? Does it effect the filters in Reports and Join in the Universe?


What is the difference between slice and dice and cross tab report?


Give some information on report bursting and how to do it in bca as I have to split the report and send diff reports to diff people?


What is package in BO


What are the general problems that are faced while importing the .biar files and what is the solution to overcome it in business objects?


Explain what is aggregate table and aggregate fact table ... Any examples of both?


Explain the data types present in bo and what happens if we implement view in the designer and report?


Explain in detail about type 2(scd),


What is difference between webi and infoview?


Can we Save (save as) WEBI Doc as DESKI?


How to restrict password to a user while sending a document in .pdf format


What is object stores?


Can any one say me how i can integrate 3 or more analytics like radio bottons,line chart,pie chart while designing a dash board in xcelsius and i am also facing problem to show one after another values in the same chat at a time..... Please help me out for this....