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Business Objects Interview Questions
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Difference between b.o 5.1 and 6.1b?


What is the difference between absolute and relative div positioning?


What is the difference between the public object&schema object?


Differences between business objects and web intelligence reports?


Explain what are the measure objects?


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Un-Answered Questions { Business Objects }

How to generate the report from excel sheet?


what is xcelsius architecture?


What is object stores?


Which versions are used in the bo dashboard work?


How would you format some text using css to be verdana and bold?


What are the steps to be taken to schedule the report?


When to use local filter and when to use global filter?


Can we Save (save as) WEBI Doc as DESKI?


What sort of existing documents should business analysts refer to when starting on a new project?


Regarding Hyperlinking in Business Objects. We have a few reports in QA environment where a number of hyperlinks are employed using OpenDoc function.In some of the reports,hyperlink is used to move to another tab within the same report.The formula used include "DocID" and ReportName="tab name".This works fine but now,for the PROD move,this will not work as the Doc Ids are subject to change. Is there a way to overcome this?Without DocID,how will move to a particular tab? Thanks in advance


Its regarding Javascript coding for customization in BI4 reports. We need to have all the options disabled in the report except the option to Export(save the report in computer in Excel/pdf formats). I am able to hide TopBar,TabBar,Left Navigation etc but I need "Export" option to be displayed to the users in Read mode. Can this selective "hiding" be achieved?


I have 2 doubts regarding the "Input Control" functionality in BI4: 1) Can the Input Controls in BI4 be manipulated? I mean, can we change the IC display as BOLD or change the values from Italics to regular? Or change the colors? 2) How to get hierarchy type control in IC? Let's say my first IC is for Country and second is for State. If I select a particulat country from Ist IC,second one should show me states belonging to selected country. Is that possible? Thanks in advance!!!


How were the reports scheduled and how to resolve unexecuted documents?


Can any one say me how i can integrate 3 or more analytics like radio bottons,line chart,pie chart while designing a dash board in xcelsius and i am also facing problem to show one after another values in the same chat at a time..... Please help me out for this....


webI report not showing Barcode in PDF format, i have used BC39 font,but barcode is shown in HTML but not in PDF, please any solutions??