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Business Objects Interview Questions
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What is the local filter and global filter in bo's?

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Explain in Detail about Measure Objects? and what is the use of it? How to create it?

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How can we acheive Correlated sub-query in Designer?

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Which command using Query Analyzer will give you the version of SQL server and operating system ?

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How will you know the version of Bo using designer?

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What is slicing and dicing in business objects?

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What are the diffrences between Business Objects 5.1 & 6.5 ?


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What are the security level used in BO?


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How to Implement the the Built-in Strategy Script in BO Designer?


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How to link two different universes ?

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How to create Generic TIME CLASS, which includes Objects Year,Month and Qtr?


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What is BOMain.Key?


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What is domain? How many are there in a basic setup? What are they?

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When is the Repository created?

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Can we have multiple domains?

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what are the day to day activities of BO administrator ?


Explain how many universes can be created in a project?


Can we Save (save as) WEBI Doc as DESKI?


What is a bo repository?


what is universe null


What is the difference between user and versatile user?


Explain and tell me about a situation where your analysis of a problem was deemed to be incorrect? What would you have done differently?


Did you face any problems while creating reports? Name? Solutions?


What is the difference between the public object&schema object?


what is the difference b/w the refresh and buffered data?


What is package in BO


If 2 tables are joined by Shortcut join, if query is generated based these join, what will be the join type and what will be the generated query? Thanks in advance?


i want my connection to be dynamic. How can I make it. I mean the username and password should be dynamic. How?


In banking domain how many Fact tables,Dimension table are present?


What is the functional & architectural differences between business objects and web intelligence reports?