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Business Objects Interview Questions
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When any new universe changes are deployed how does the end user get the view of the new classes/objects added(aprt from specs doc)?


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what is a filter?

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How to check for a particular value from one column with the list of values present in another column in Webi reports?

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What is thin client And thick client..?

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What is the server based ranking? and its usage?

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Can any one tell me for business objects what we need to study means some body tole me that we need DW,ETL,SQL.... is this is necessary..?

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What are the errors u have faced in creating reports in business objects and explain some?


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what are the documentations u r created?


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'Add objects to the folder' (id - 1) for 'Auto Loans' (id - 2626). Please contact your system or permissions administrator if you require this right.

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I am trying to save the XI report to CSV format. the csv file not displaying columns in order. all the columns are misplaced. the report size is 12MB Can any one tell me why the columns are incorrect position when XI report converted into CSV format?

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what is tuning of business reports ?

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could you please give me the diagram of BO 6.5 Architecture or explain about the tires?

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can any body tell me how to create Hyperlinks in BO XI R2?

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Ihave one report.Now i want to display that report as one row as one color and another row as another color.The entire report i need like that


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Example Country Name is like India/UK or ALL In parameter I selected India or UK it should show only perticular country details in BO.If i select ALL in parameter.It should show both country data in different tables.


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Un-Answered Questions { Business Objects }

what are the tables used in health care domain project and columns used in report?


Explain is it the job of a business analyst or systems analyst to draw the class diagram?


How to Explain about BO projects in interviews?(in Banking,insurance,Manufacturing domains)


What three things do you consider to be the most important factors for a manager?


what is the difference between add link and include link in BO? Explain me with a scenario when to go for add link and when to go for include link?


Explain in detail about type 2(scd),


hi all of u, i want to learn the course in SAP(BI).because of there is no calls for BO. And the another region is it will be converted into SAP module. is it OK for me? is there any feauture in coming days? could any one plz send me the message


What is the difference between absolute and relative div positioning?


how to create reports on screech?


What is a fantrap in business objects?


How many universes can be created in a project?


is it possible to export the webi reports to crystal reports?with out using businessview?


What is top business?


What are the steps to be taken to schedule the report?


8. How much supervision have you typically received in your previous job?