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Business Objects Interview Questions
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1. how do u connect one report with another ? 2. how do u generate reports from different data sources( ex: oracle, sql server)? do u give the security to universe ?

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4.what is aggregate awareness ? how do we use ? where do we use ?

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5.what is slowly changing dimension ?


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What is the Drill filter and it's usage?

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bo 6.5 is a 3 tier architecture. Tell me the names of the tiers?


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why you create universe and creating reports based on that? why dont we go for crystel reports and generate reports directly?tell me the advantages?please answer to this question.


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what is the difference b/w star and snowflack schema in dataware house?

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Can anyone tell me how to display (calculate )Turn Around Time between two dates in the BO Report? Thanks in Advance

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Suppose we had a scenerio like in an universe there are nearly 250 objects but only 50 objects data is updated frequently so is there any way to overcome it.(Birla Soft,)

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what is crosstab reporting,slice and dise and drill mode??

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Explain about derived tables?

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explain about Prompt with example?


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1. I have 2 universes. that is u1 and u2. From u1,i created one report that is r1. Now i want to give the connection r1 to u2 and at the same time delete the connection from u1 to r1 ? How is it possible explain? 2.How can i schedule the reports in BOXIR2?


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1. what is import wizard and its purpose ? 2. what is publishing wizard and its purpose ?


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When N reports are scheduled for N users, How does the BCA process /know to which user the report needs to be sent?


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Hi, What is the best answer for tell me about yourself for 2 years experience in bo developing.


What are all difference between business objects 6.5 and xi r2?


How were the reports scheduled and how to resolve unexecuted documents?


Please send me BO certification details and question papers? this is my mail id:


BO Security (creating the restriction sets in Universe and applying on selected groups or users) or Database security (Creating the tables in database insrting the user details in that tables and giving conditions in self restricting joins in Universe )Which Security will improve the performance of the reports and for best practices ? I am thinking BO Security will give the better performance, could you please share your thoughts on this please... Thanks...


Explain the difference between detect alias and detect context?


What is a fantrap in business objects?


what is the difference b/w the refresh and buffered data?


What if a cartesian product pop up block appears when running a report. Does it give wrong values? How to solve this issue?


any difficulitis have you phase while creating bo reports and how did u solve it


Explain as a ba (business analyst) approaching a new piece of work, who would you interview and what questions would you ask?


What is the profile and package?


How many universes can be created in a project?


Explain what three things do you consider to be the most important factors for a manager?


8. How much supervision have you typically received in your previous job?