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Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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1) How can u create the table?



how to add a new table with variables and thier values into a imported file uisng proc import?


what is page hit in operating system?


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Code for display the images from drive using vb 6.0?


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what is the basic and unique feature of dotnet



what is the difference between a namespace and assembly ?

Innominds, Polaris,

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SAS using companies in INDIA

Bank Of America, Cap Gemini, Hyundai, IBM, KO, Sristek, TCS, Wipro, WNS,

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Is strus threadsafe or not?

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I'm trying to solve this. But I'm not figuring the right solution. Can some one help what the answer is for the question below? You can use as many variables as you need, there are no negative numbers, all numbers are integers. You do not know the size of the integers, they could be infinitely large, so you can't count on truncating at any point. There are NO comparisons allowed, no if statements or anything like that. There are only four operations you can do on a variable. 1) You can set a variable to 0. 2) You can set a variable = another variable. 3) You can increment a variable (only by 1), and it's a post increment. 4) You can loop. So, if you were to say loop(v1) and v1 = 10, your loop would execute 10 times, but the value in v1 wouldn't change so the first line in the loop can change value of v1 without changing the number of times you loop. You need to do 3 things. 1) Write a function that decrements by 1. 2) Write a function that subtracts one variable from another. 3) Write a function that divides one variable by another. 4) See if you can implement all 3 using at most 4 variables. Meaning, you're not making function calls now, you're making macros. And at most you can have 4 variables. The restriction really only applies to divide, the other 2 are easy to do with 4 vars or less. Division on the other hand is dependent on the other 2 functions, so, if subtract requires 3 variables, then divide only has 1 variable left unchanged after a call to subtract. Basically, just make your function calls to decrement and subtract so you pass your vars in by reference, and you can't declare any new variables in a function, what you pass in is all it gets.


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hi, i'd like to know how do you set lines in a page for Smartforms? thanks in advance

SAP Labs,

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How many forms can you create in a Visual Basic 6 Standard EXE project? Is there any limit on that?


what is web configuration file



what is session state?



hoe to data grid use in sql server 2000?



how to data grid use in data bind?



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what are all the ant command options


what is the filters in biztakk server? where it can use?


they asked me about srs (software requirement specifcation)? how can i get anydocumentation about srs & other documnts infomation like bdd, in testing? its urgent?




Hi all... I had completed MSC(Computer) and had join the construction company based on sap.they want me to work on abap.but software company is totally different from construction company and they want me 2 grasp it as fast i can.i am finding it difficult.what should i do??????


What are two of your strengths that you will bring to our QA/testing team?


what is the difference between SCAN AND CHECK,LOKUP AND XFOOT? where we can use thease opcodes? Can any body tell me real time senariao with example?


iam confused among testing ,.net and java. can anybody help me.


can any method return type may be constructor , or that method name allow


Please describe an example where you used object orientation in one of your programs.


qtp 9.2 14 days demo version was expired.I uninstalled how to reinstall this again


how can i create report in abap to insert data in table pa0002 using insert command


Write a pseudo code to evaluate a number to any base given (2...16) based on the input. Number greater than 9 should be given as A-F for 10-15.


Is there any standard procedure to test the application as a whole? Or How can I test complete application right from the requirement gathering?


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