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Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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how to hide prompts


what is lazy loading in hibernate?Explain in detailed manner?


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Hello...has anyone interviewed with Information Management Services(IMS)located in Silver Spring MD??If yes,what can you share about the programming test and the analytical test?

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what is meant by trigger?


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what is log files in qtp what is use



can we convert .class file to dll file

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What is the difference between windows 98/2000/XP Operating Systems?

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if try is followed by finally block what happen to exception occured in try block

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Indentify the essential difference between GUI and a command line operating systems?

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design a counter with the following repeated binary sequence: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 using JK Flip Flop.

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Write code to read the records from a file and load any array of size 99?make sure that you take care of all the error conditions?


write the a cl program with the following specification A. Accept 2 parameters-date and date type B. if date type is J then convert date to *MDY format C. if date type is M convert date to *JUL format 4.send a program message with the value of converted date Please explain for each with coding?


is it possible to desable particular parameter of the normal orcle report based on some condition ?????? if yes,wht is the function for desabling a parameter...



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how to run servlets in eclipse 3.3.2....if we choose file->new->servlet then after that it is showing javax.servlet.* ...cannot be avoid this error any external jar file is to be added? please help me regarding this issue........thank u


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3. What is the difference between testing and Quality Assurance?


Is there any standard procedure to test the application as a whole? Or How can I test complete application right from the requirement gathering?


How to change the color of a cell or a row in a datagrid on mouse hover using javascript/.net


As per interoperatbility programs written in one language can be used by other language. How can we restrict the features of one language (say C#) in the programmer written in another language (say VB)..for example we have some features like operator overloading which is possible C#.NET (not in VB.NET), how can we restrict that when we are using this code in VB.NET.


hi this is uday i want prepare for nic exam if any one have previous question papers please send me or atlest guide me how to prepare my ID is


hii I inntrested abt scjp certification but i dont knw abt scjp plz send details abt scjp exam and syllabus.


What is the entry point function of a DLL?


I am looking for NIC Sample papers or any patern of questions/ syllabus plz, send me on Regard


I want to pass .pdf files as OlE Object to crystal report through VB6. Please any one guid me...


pleasew define carrier scope in abap (sap).


what are the advantages of sap on other software ?


is it possible to learn sap from book without any tutorial. if yes please mention the beginner,s book of sap and also make your valuable advice for self study of sap .


what is client server & server? What r types of Joins? explsin it! which types of indexex in sql server? what is triggers?


what is the extension of SPDS Dynamic cluster tables?


what are resources in case of Threads