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What are your views on the franchising of legal aid firms?


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What views are you having on the policies of the Legal Services Commission?



What you know about the impact of the Human Rights Act on law in this country?



Do you think that the impact of human rights will be severe on criminal law?


How family law will be affected by the change?

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To how much expect do you expect Counsel to do?


What is ypor opinion about the launch of the Public Defence Service?

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Are you willing to go through the accreditation process for police station advisors?


In near future would you be willing to manage a branch office? If no, why not?

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What kind of advocacy experience do you have apart from those taught on the LPC ?


Do you think you have to undergo training for advocacy?

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what are your views on equal opportunities?

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Have you been involved either paid or unpaid with the services of the voluntary sector?


What is your opinion about the private practice?

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What is your view on commercial law firms?

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The judge may give a lighter sentence than the victim and or community believe are fair. How you address the victim or community's concern regarding the sentence?


US officer refused my visa due to 214( b)becouse i submitted for him my son american passport, did you advise me if i have to click yes on DS 156, question no. 37 that my son citizenshipr or no?


What are the duties of the position for criminal affairs?


What are the requirements of a company to register as manufacturers?


Proof reading,style setting, and fomating of text done by any person is coverd the net of service tax??


what is another name of lal bahadur shatri?


what is TDS and why it is deducted ?


Can we take input on Service Tax on Certification of Proffesional fee of ISO 9001 when we have manufacture unit & also having service tax registration.


Dear Friends, Please send me State Bank of Maharashtra or other banks - LAW OFFICER's Exam Questions Papers for the past five years. I will be highly obliged.


how one can prove statutory auditors liability according tp indian law?


If a partnership firm takes loan from a bank then where the charge of bank is required to registered. if yes then where to register??


I have form16 of the year 2007-08 & 2008-09(INCOME LESS THAN 4.5 LAKH).Do not have form16 of 2009-10.shall I get non-creamy layer certificate


Hi, I am a trader/distributor by name M/S.ABC reg.under Kerala vat and dealing in trading/stockist of computer goods. One of our dealer reg under Kerala vat M/S.DEF got an order to supply computer goods to an Kerala state govt dept. M/S DEF places an Order to us and directs us to raise bill as below and deliver the goods at end customer point throughout Kerala USING OUR INVOICE . BILL FROM:M/S/ABC (REG UNDER KERALA VAT) BILL TO M/S.DEF (REG UNDER KERALA VAT) SHIP TO KERALA STATE GOVT DEPT. (M/s.ABC charge full local tax on Inv. and ship the goods as above to end customer Kerala govt dept.) Clarification required as per VAT act of Kerala. 1.)Is it correct to carry out transaction as ABOVE as three parties involved? 2.)During transit will my shipment will be seized by flying squad or enforcement team and raise objection for improper invoice even though charged full local tax rate applicable on goods? 3.)Under Kerala vat act is there any sales tax exemption available to carry out sale of computer goods TO KERALA GOVT DEPT? 4.) What is form 16 will it be useful to carry out ABOVE such billings and shipment to diff part of Kerala govt dept. Friends pls. share your expertise on the above and revert to my e- mail id. Tks and Regards, Angeline


How much do you get paid in a year?


Whether TDS is to be Deducted from Freight inward And Freight Outward?