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What are your views on the franchising of legal aid firms?


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What views are you having on the policies of the Legal Services Commission?



What you know about the impact of the Human Rights Act on law in this country?



Do you think that the impact of human rights will be severe on criminal law?


How family law will be affected by the change?

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To how much expect do you expect Counsel to do?


What is ypor opinion about the launch of the Public Defence Service?

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Are you willing to go through the accreditation process for police station advisors?


In near future would you be willing to manage a branch office? If no, why not?

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What kind of advocacy experience do you have apart from those taught on the LPC ?


Do you think you have to undergo training for advocacy?

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what are your views on equal opportunities?

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Have you been involved either paid or unpaid with the services of the voluntary sector?


What is your opinion about the private practice?

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What is your view on commercial law firms?

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What are the experiences you had in the past that makes you certain that you are prepared to practice civil law?


bank does not give loan unless they ascetain full repayment of their loan,then why need of collateral securities


SIR, our client is carrying business It is a ASSOciation of individuals.Can you say whether it is a AOP or doubt is that AoP includes persons for a common purpose But according to I>T act PERSON includes individuals also


can a receipt issued by the seller signed by the purchaser amounts to conclusive proof of completion of transaction?


In case of exempted employees under the PF ACT, does the employer need to contribute minimum of Rs. 780?


Who among the following is the auhor of the book 'Justice For Common Man' M.C steealvad Nani palkiwala H.C seervai D.D basu


best way to claim compensation through slander false accusations


What is the hierarchy of courts in the UK?


What is the minimum distance to be maintained from a residence area to oil depot ? Please mention the act name according which it is mentioned ?


management audit is ordered by 1 worker of co 2 gov 3 bords of director 4 securities and exchange board of india


i want to know all the things important for a giving upsc exam. moreover please inform me which book 0r material i use for preparing of upsc exam.


how much important to get police clearance from local police station to Canadian visa?(Work visa)


Why do ask we about child labour? why sould not we ask about child basic development? when we have education cess, why the amount not been ment for the development of child labour? when we have a system to eradicate child labour? Why that force is not child thier to put them in kind of bostal school? why the parent should not be punished for the child labour


who has to get license under central excise for Excise Duty on Branded Articles of jewellary,chapter sub heading 7113, classifiable in union budget 2011-12.


What do you think the uses of traffic lights are?