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Law AllOther Interview Questions
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Why do you want to become a solicitor?


When was the last time you had to work to complete a task against a deadline?


Why have you applied to this justice firm?


Your client is determined to take a case to court even though you believe he has no chance of winning and have advised him strongly not to do so. What do you do?


What do you think is the most important issue facing the legal profession at the moment?


Have you any questions about law?


How would you have coped if, a week before that deadline, you had been told that it had been brought forward by three days?


Where do you plan to do your legal practice course (and/or gdl)?


How did you first become interested in a career in law?


If you were posted to our paris office, how would you expect the work there to differ from that in london?


Hi I am Subhajit. I have joined MNC BPO in august 2020.In the probation I got an medical problem in my family so after 3 days when probation started I have to leave from from the company. I sent a resignation from my registered mailid to my recruiter. After 3 days their team reached out to me kindly inform us why are you absent from the job. I have sent the same resignation with date as attachment. In between somedays they may be contact me via phone but I did not get that calls and when I call back they did not pickup my phone. I have mailed again to the autherity to release me. Today they sent me a termination letter which is written that " Separation due to abondoned from services" . What should I do next?. Is this advarse effect on my carrier in any field? Is am so frastated


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What have you read in the papers recently that relates to international law?


will bonus attract PF & ESI?..... please answer this....


Is there any full form for "LAW" ???


Is sales Tax Applicable in companies under SEZ organisation (Special Economic Zone)What is it Rate. What is Form -I For SEZ Companies


What is the last date of TDS deposition of the payament of 31- 03-2008 & 31-03-2009


What is the Difference between Excise & Cenvat


Should the law restrict our freedom of speech?


what is the law of human psychology?


What were the consequences of 9/11 on law?


if we have purchsed FMS/VKGUY or SHIS against C form entry tax is applicable on it in M.P.


Would you trade your scarf for my bike, even if you have no idea what state it's in or if I even have one?


To how much expect do you expect Counsel to do?


how many different types of guaranteed exist under indian law?


how many Type of excise audit please give me details


How to break service bond