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Law AllOther Interview Questions
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I faced a case : One person "P" registered for a plot amounted to almost Rs 400000 to a real state company, XYZ. But XYZ is unable to provide the plot even after 2 years. So they are returning back the money along with the interest. Interst amount is almost Rs 66000. XYZ company is deducting the TDS from the interest. Are this company is doing right by deducting the TDS from the interest income? The profile of person Case 1 : P is a student and don't have any income. Case 2 : P is earning more than 10000 pm if interest income is included.



Hello this topic is on: Trademark(passing) 1) What is the sigificance of deception in misrepresentation under passing off? 2) What is the concept of 'moron in a hurry'? 3) What does damage to goodwill means? Thanks:)


which act have to follow for court marriage


Which article contains fundamental duties ?

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what is the full form of nalsar?

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What is the date issue of WCT Certificate Contractor?


optimal mindset



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in case death of employ gratuity recieved by its legal hiers . so wht will b its treatment from income tax point of view in the hannd of diceased (employe) and the legal hier?


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difference between holding company and a sub sidiary company

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Company "A" has just secured a contract for the provision of 100 cars for the use of company "B" at various locations. Company "B" will be paying Company "A" monthly for the use of each car. Company "B" has employed and trained drivers that will handle the cars. Advise company'A" on the most appropriate mode of financing option stating reasons. Either as a finance lease,operating lease or hire purchase.



Please give an example solutions of Professional Tax Calculations?


Please give any one of the standard book name for Provident Fund Act & Rules and ESI.


Where can i get the details about case laws?


dear sir we have only one marathi teacher in our school and she sirplus how we save her we are ready to give other teacher


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How you will handle a situation where a police officer wants a warrant signed or wants to file particular charges and you do not agree with his/her assessment?


Would you trade your scarf for my bike, even if you have no idea what state it's in or if I even have one?


send me sample paper of law officer in bank pre test


if customer will not able to give c-form then in bill which tax should i charge


Can any one please explain me a comparison between internal check, internal audit, internal control? (Auditing)


what is the difference between challan and gate pass


hOW pf and esic is calculated?


dear sir we have only one marathi teacher in our school and she sirplus how we save her we are ready to give other teacher


do companies situauted in Union territories issue Way Bills during purchasing of chemicals?


We want Taken credit of Vat on capital Goods (Fixed Assets) is it posible if Yes How can we treat if no Why Reasion


list out four public documents filed with roc which are public documents can be reviewed.


I Want to konw the full knowledge about India Pvt. Ltd. Company, Ltd. Company., Pvt. Ltd. Company Etc. Thanks


What do you think on the franchising of legal aid firms?


If you were posted to our paris office, how would you expect the work there to differ from that in london?


explain the NRI Accounts available for non resident indians with relative benefits: which account is most appropriate for the NRI.