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Law AllOther Interview Questions
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What stops countries from invading each other on a daily basis?


Where do you see International Law in fifty years' time?


Explain Naomi Campbell's life.


Would it be a good idea for there to be a minimum IQ for jurors in a trial?


What are the for and against arguments for bicycle helmets?


Why is Roman law relevant to our modem study of law?


What is the difference between manslaughter and murder? What is its significance?


What are the fundamental differences between US and British Law? What are the implications of this?


Where does the state have the right to violate privacy?


If A gave B £100 thinking it was a loan and B accepted the money thinking it was a gift, should he give it back?


Should airlines be allowed to charge people for using the toilet on a plane?


Should the law exist to protect us from ourselves?


Why do we bother with environmental protection?


Define 'at fault'.


It's raining and have forgotten your umbrella, so you shelter in an unlocked car. Are you guilty of the offence of allowing yourself to be carried in a conveyance without the owner's consent?


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Should judges have a legislative role?


list out four public documents filed with roc which are public documents can be reviewed.


A father promises to give his daughter £100 a week during her time at university. After the first term, he decides she needs to be more self-reliant and stops paying her. Can she sue him for breach of contract?


Why is Roman law relevant to our modem study of law?


Should the media be more regulated by the state?


if you keep googles and if you see Indian flag what colour it can see


do companies situauted in Union territories issue Way Bills during purchasing of chemicals?


What is your alternative career, if law not be the avenue for you?


What is your view on the "sufficient benefit" test in legally aided work?


i want to know all the things important for a giving upsc exam. moreover please inform me which book 0r material i use for preparing of upsc exam.


What are the duties of the position for criminal affairs?


If we are taking Input credit on purchase on the basis of origal VAT Invoices,but party didn't pay the tax to the the sales tax department.Is there is any provision in VAT laws that our Input Tax will be disallowed on that basis. If there is any circulars or notification on this matter then pls give me the reference No. Thanking in Advance Navin Srivastava


My company registration is from Mumbai. I have import the good at Chennai port. Now I can sell in Chennai trader in 2% CST OR what is processed to sell the goods of import.


Hi to all, i worked in TCS ( Bpo ) for 6 months & i left TCS because of my health issues and one main reason was my senior was not good, i always found myself tortured, no doubt that envoirnment of TCS is really very good, and obviously there are lots of benefits for their employees, even i spoke to my process head, my process manager, even with the process HR , i discussed on the problem i am facing and requested them to move me into other process but there is one policy is till the time i will not complete 18 months in the same process they are unable to move me into other process, and i left TCS within 6 months , i informed my seniors , HR that i am not well wont be able to continue and i need some rest, and it was BPO , i was really very disturbed putting headphones whole day , it was quite frustrating , after 1 month i had started receiving letters from tcs that i am absent from my duties and i haven't informed anyone, then i again spoke to my HR and my senior that i am no well and also shared medical certificate , but that time my HR was on 15-20 days leave, and he couldn't check my mail. after some time i have started receiving reminders that i have to report within 24 hours else they will take strict action against me, i was really very depressed because one side i was not able to continue in same process and i was getting mails on mails that i have to report and i need to continue, i was not willing to TCS, my HR was on leave, i was not aware whether he is in office or not, when i received final letter then the very same day i contacted my collegue and he told me that HR is on leave, then i forwarded the same mail with my medical to Head office ( Mumbai ), where from i was getting mails, and i got contact no of 1 HR then she said today you are responding because today u got final letter , and before that there was no information about you. then i got absconded, & i received too much letters that i am absconded and i have to pay 20k, now i am willing to join TCS , not in same process , and i am also working as a HR ,in a small firm, now pls help me and suggest me that can i join TCS again if i will clear that outstanding or is there any chance to join tcs,


ek jmin par mr.A 9 sal se kabja jamake betha tha.9 sal bad wo jmin mr.B ne main malik mr.C se kharidi aur mr.A court me gaya aur mr.B se har gya fir wo high court me jake aplication ki. sawal ye he ki istrah to tarikh pe tarikh padti rahegi aur dusre 10 sal aur lag jayege to law ka use kesekare ke 2 sal me jamin (land) mr.B ke pas aajaye?