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Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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Hi i have been selected in federal bank Po exam can somebody throw some light on what type of interview questions are expected??


what is the full form of "POOJA"


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hey I m working in retail bankIng as teller yet another 1yr I m going to work for dis bank....after quitting from dis werelse I can get job apart from banking sector


I m doing a job in a psu as distribution engineer. Now I m looking for a job in an electrical manufacturing company where I can boost up my professional knowledge.i dont have such experience for getting such a job . Pls suggest me how to shift from distribution to manufacturing.


what u know about google?


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generaly , it is asked by the interviewer that why should we select you only rather than others , Pl suggest it answer


sir i m working as postal assistant from last two years, i heared about system assistant job in post office. please tell me about qualification for that particular cadre

India Post,


what is the basic income that one needs to be approved for or considered qualifying to support you alien wife? this is my only concern at the moment as i have read prior testimonies for people on ssi


Bhagwan budh got enlightment under the tree of Banyan (But briksh)then why there are a peepal tree in Bodh Gaya as a Bodhibriksh?


I got selected for sbi associate bank clerk post 2011. What are the areas I have to prepare for interview. I am a graduate,at present working in Axis bank. Can i disclose about my current job in the interview? some told me not to mention about my present job in interview.Kindly guide me.

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I am a graduate.What are the subject topics i have to prepare for sbi clerk interview as i was told that q's will be there in our specialised subjects


why do you concider yourself suitable for this post?


what si the age limit for the voice






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Is it right to leave TCS & join Accenture for 2 years experienced Software Professional ?


Which is the World’s Warmest Sea?


can i attend the syndicate bank PO exam 2010 as my date of birth is 20th may 1980.


can i know the answer for the simple question "Tell me about Yourself!".Anyone please reply me.


a rs100.facevalu preffered stock pays dividend @8%reedem will after 10 years @its facevalu.calculate the instrisnic valu of stock???


how to insert an element at the end of the linked list?


being a science how can u help a bank if we give u a job in a bank


I have a question, I'd like to know what does "roc" means? E.g. in Beyonce's song : Roc. She is singing: You are my roc, I love to roc with you and it's not a rock. Help me...


Role of the H.R. & H.R.Department.


Hi i have a problem.I have been completing my graduation & p.g from correspondence universities.Now for sbi interview i want character certificate from this universities.but these universit. do not issue characeter certificate.But in sbi it is required.Now what can i do?Please help me.My interview is on 29th april.


Kindly provide me test cases for Compatibility testing for Mobile on diffrent operating systems.


hi, i've cleared union bank of india's clerical cadre written exam. and called for interview on 18th of this month. I dont have the copy of fee payment challan and print out of online application. whether these things are very important or not?


Hi, I like to learn Linux from scratch, i have 3 years of experience as Technical Support Representative in call centers. Will i be able to opt for Linux Administrator Job?


I have studied computer as a subject in M.Com. So is that enough for getting a job in a bank or is it necessary to submit a computer course certificate from a recognized institution/coaching centre ?


what sort of trainings would benefit you in the next year? not just job skill but also your natural strength and personal passion