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speak about bagalore for 5mint


Dear friends, I was shortlisted for Axis Bank Assistant Manager. But till date i haven't received any call letter from axis bank for Interview. Can anyone let me know that what is the process & how to prepare for Interview......


please tell me what type of question ask in back office interview.

Baidu, Tech Mahindra,


Briefly describe your ideal job


In India the first book was printed in 1561.and who is the author What was its name? and in which language ?


From where you got newly launched nokia mobile i.e. "Nokia Astound" at lowest price?

T Mobile,

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I attended an interview with Lycatel, Chennai on December 17th 2010 for AM - Operations. Actually that position was advertised in Hindu and seeing that I walked in an attended the interview. My job and skillset, experience exactly matched to what they require and I was confident about the offer. After 2 weeks, I emailed the HR and he said that "I will update you ASAP" again after a week I emailed him to know that status he again replied "With regards to your email, I will update ASAP". After 2 weeks I drafted a big email to the HR and he replied back saying "The position that you have applied for has been kept on hold, so when the requirement arises, we will get in touch with you shortly". I really dont understand why, because only when there was a requirement, they had advertised in Hindu, now how can they say that when there is a requirement, will let you know. I am confused. After that I have email that HR several times to atleast intimate if its negative, but there has been no reply till date. What should I take this as? Can anyone help me?


Hello All, I am a student of CSE from JNTU...still i have backlogs...i dont have chances to write again....till now i worked as US Recruiter & Technical support in small there any company which is considering talent as measurement not with certificates. to get a job...Please let me know

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who is the explorer of bicycle

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Hi I have cleared the written exam for Karnataka bank PO. My interview is on 27-4-2011. Please give me some interview questions its urgent. My email is and my contact number is 09493952153


I have done MBA(Finance & Mktng) back in 2009 and then join the BPO backend process for 1 year and done sap sd and now i m lkking for the sap sd or mba job ..please reply fast at if you have any suggestion...i need job immediatly...


What can you do for us that someone else can't?



i want andhra bank po previous solved papers


how to answer tell me about yourself in an interview by a fresher


What is valley, Playa, Catchment area, Basin ? please describe with picture.


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hi... my name is Rekha.... i selected karnataka bank wailisting list.... this is confirm of getting job in karnataka bank or not,,,,,,,,,, please reply my name comes in waiting list..........


Please send me NIC entrance for DIO and DIA question Sample paper at


I have been selected for clerical interview of interview is scheduled on 3rd may 2010...if anybody have attented before that plz tell me which type of questions they r asking..


I m allready working in nationalised bank as a clerk(3-4 month)in rajasthan(posted at home town). now i m selected in sbi for the post of clerk(punjab).. should i join sbi? is it right choice? i m very confused plz reply.




agar pyar ki nishani tajmahal h todosti ki nishani kya hogi


who is the founder of inorganic chemistry


who is President of India? important Current events? Important National and international events


I got selected as a central excise inspector in SSC CGL10 and now waiting for appointment letter...when can i expect to receive the appointment letter?


when will be the sbi interview held in april-may 2010 be declared?


Sir..which one is better of the two? Auditor or Bank P.O.. Please favour me here..


Why do we use blue ink?


Hi, I like to learn Linux from scratch, i have 3 years of experience as Technical Support Representative in call centers. Will i be able to opt for Linux Administrator Job?


I am a graduate.What are the subject topics i have to prepare for sbi clerk interview as i was told that q's will be there in our specialised subjects


what is management?