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Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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I have a Nokia handset - yet when I try to delete the contacts on the handset it asks me for a security code - How can I rectify this problem.


what is the cutoff marks in bank po exam to get to be selected?


as you finished hotelmanagement why you want to work sales and marketing.

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Pentaho CE 3.6 installation. After completing all the installation steps, BI server is not starting. I tried manual starting too but no use. Whenever i open the Web browser for pentaho I'm getting the error as HTTP 1.1 ERROR 404. Can there be any problem in connecting with the repository services.?


How The Resume Will Be....?



how do i get friends and there email


Recently i applied to nz for student visa but i wsnt able to convince visa officer nd now i hve applied again to nz,,i hv certain queries regarding interview plz guide me hw to ansr them queries r... visa officer asked ME why u waited for 5 years after b Com, ( i attaced experience as accountant for 5 years) why only diploma in IT businss IT, hw it relates to ur bcom qualificaition, whe nz only rather do it in india(wt shld i anwr here), why this institute, wht r ur long term plans, wt r future plans, wht wil u do aftr completing study(i said i wl find job anywhere in world bt visa officer ws nt satisfied),


Please send me NIC entrance for DIO and DIA question Sample paper at



i want link to download brain teasers ebook by ravi narula for written test in software companies interviews.. so plzzzzzz send the link on my email id soon as possible....or give it on this site....

ABC, Infosys, Qualcomm,

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which is the best engineering college in vijayawada


What is mean by CRT interview????

Baidu, Infosys,


what are the leadership qualities?

State Bank Of India SBI, TCS,


Which institute is best for bank classes either Merit on RACE?


Tel me da fee structure of RACE?


Hey Guys, can somebody suggest me how to consantrate on study because i m going to appear a tough competative exam and i m detuch with study about 4,5 years.It's not a multipal choose type exam. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz suggest me.


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What is mean by CRT interview????


Hi I am ofw from hongkong and just finishing my contract for 1 year.And planning to work in canada.Just want to know what are the questions being asked if i were to be interviewed.Thank you.


Please tell me the reference for absence of yeast and mold for(drinking)feed water for pharmaceutical use. If anybody have link please post.


what process model is the best for on line shopping?.. v-model waterfall or spiral?


In which city is the country's largest museum located?


Hi, I Have have completed my Post graduation in Msc(Comp Science) I want to apply for research in india or abroad How to apply? When to Apply? Even i am preparing for GRE exam. Please provide me with your valuable guidance to shape up career... Thanks :)


i am pursuing chem. engg. i hv aggregate of 56.8%,diploma 63%, 60%. am i eligible to software companies?kindly tell me for which jobs i m eligible.thanking u in advance.


what is CTD format?


What is the capital of Argentina?


Is there any institution for giving graduate degree in one year?


Does any one has the last question papers/questions related to voluntary retirement scheme (or) safety related retirement scheme (SRRS)? If not please let me know the pattern of test? Thanks in advance. Regards, Sudhakar


which plan and modem should i take for 3g internet usage mainly for downloads which gives me speed of 3.1 mbps,5.2 m bps,7.1 m bps and unlimited usage for a month .state haryana


Merchant account holder seeking Call Centers to team up with. Merchant accounts in UK, Canada, and US. Call Centers anywhere welcome. Please contact us if interested.


what is the main difference between direct & indirect marketing?


Mention your position in the heirarchy and the levels above and below you.