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Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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How many states are in VXVM plex?

Mphasis, TCS,

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how do a person know which answer is grammartically and theorytically perfect answer?



what are the environmental problems associated with the match industry?


in oracle apps technical which module is best for MCA students


DEscribe the Call flow in case of MNP?


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i m from engineering background and now i want to go banks....if the question will asked that why u prefer the bank job while u r from technical background?



pls explain difference between user exit and customer exit. how to create user exit and how to create customer exit? pls explain in detail.


explain the role of Ali brothers in the khilafat movement.

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the reason for the failure of Muslim league in the 1937 general elections.

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can anybody tell me the syllabus for junior assistants in ttd

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When will axis bank announce the result of exam held on 20th june 2010 of western zone?


what do the resistors in oscillators


hi has anybody faced SBI associates PO GDPI? mine is on 29th. please share

State Bank Of India SBI,


What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced in your life?


Order Management Questions on the Oracle applications. ================================================= A)Explain the basic flow of Order Management Regular Sales order cycle. B)Explain the difference between the pick release and Ship Confirm process. c)Explain the Credit Check functionality. d)Explain the Ship Confirm Rule e)Explain how the price can be given to an item. f)Explain how can we Generate an invoice once we booked the order for a shippable item. g)Explain the Pricing Entities 1)Modifiers 2)Qualifiers. h)If the Ship Confirm button is Greyed out from the Shipping Transactions form what could be the reason. i)Explain the KFF’s in Order management Inventory a)Explain types of move orders b)Explain the Planning Methods c)Explain the Difference between Purchasable and purchased attributes. d)Explain KFF’s In Oracle inventory. e)Explain the Lead times concept. f)What is cumulative lead time and Cummulative Mfg Lead time. g)Explain Standard Costing and Average Costing. h)How can the Lead times be setup in the Item Master. i)Explain how many levels of reservation can be done. Purchasing a)Explain the document types. b)Explain the KFF’s in Purchasing. c)Explain the balancing segment. d)Explain the returns on Purchase order concept. e)Explain the attributes used for the purchasing.



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write a program that asks for 2 floating point numbers and multiply numbers together,print to screen. then ask the user how many digits it needs to display to the right of the decimal and print the product again w the new precision...


Hello All, I am a indian lady married in aug,2006. In 2007 I asked one agent to apply for a passport for me. He filled up the form & I signed it. After few days I got the passport. Now there is one mistake he has done while filling my form. ****He has written my marital status as UNMARRIED in the form by mistake.*** Now I wanna go to US on B2 visa. Now I want to ask whethere I can face any legal action, because of wrong infromation in my passport application about the marital status earlier which is by mistake. What should I do?


can multiple values insert in sql? if yes then how??


breif about your sefl?


Explain Human Resource, avg. salary, where can I go with it.


quantatitive application of polarimetry ?


Can you tell me which coaching classes is best for banking in chennai?


what are the things to be looked after for marketing,purchase and sale?


what can an interviewer can ask relating the company


mention some of the major contribution made by you in present & previous jobs- Sales Representative


consultancies which provide experience letters in hyderabad for SAS JOBS


I have completed mba, i'm so much intrested in group2, can u plz tel me how to prepare for this exactly.


I am having the inbuilt Webcam in my Laptop, I want to sent the pictures using webcam to others. Please tell me the steps?


Is it right to leave TCS & join Accenture for 2 years experienced Software Professional ?


We want that when we type baishakh and drag the fill handle,Excel should produce jestha, Aashadh and so on.What will you have to set to do that ?