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Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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India's first listed IT film to have crossed $1 billion turnover


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5 cat eats 5 rats in 5 min. than how many cats required to eat 100 rats in 100 min?

BPO, Carrefour, HCL, IBM,

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in a computer windows 98 os is installed,when you swtich on pc you got message disk boot faliure ,insterst system disk and press enter when reay,what a r e the possible faults and how to solve this problem with out loss out data in hard disk


HOW WAS EVERYBODY'S SBI PO (MAINS).....HELD ON 30 NOV 2008? Let us share our views here....

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Which city is famous for high buildings?


Please briefly tell us why you are searching for a new position: Why do you think you would be a good choice for this position? Do you have customer service experience? If so, please briefly explain:


A traveler must pack three items: food, first-aid kits and clothes. The container has a capacity of 4 ft3. Each unit of food takes 3 ft3. The first- aid kit occupies 1 ft3 and each piece of cloth takes 2 ft3. The traveler assigns the priority weights 3, 4 and 5 to food, first-aid and clothes, which means that the clothes are the most valuable of the three items. Using dynamic programming approach, find the optimal number of each item that the traveler should carry?


Hi... i selected as a clerk in SBI...When we want to join? right now i m working in private concern... i want to give reliving letter to my HR... if any one knows na please inform me... Thanking u

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hi sir, my name is vijay reddy.i have some doubts. 1) how much u r taking fees for groupII. 2) What is cost of groupII material. 3) your current address.right now i am staying at YOUSUFGUDA


what is the impact of crop loan waiver on banks?

Bank of Baroda,


is crop loan waiver is a right approach to help farmers?

Bank of Baroda,

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our country currently experiencing glow growth rate and a high inflation rate. what should be done in this situation by the government and what is the role of the bank?

Bank of Baroda,


how recession in america is affecting our economy?

Bank of Baroda,


what is the impact of crop loan waiver on banks?

Bank of Baroda,

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is crop loan waiver is a right approach to help farmers?

Bank of Baroda,


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Minimum invoice value require for form form 38 in up


how will be the career growth in railways if we join as a asst. station master?


what is the role of marketing employee in a company.


which type of growth do you want?


can anyone tell me how many time it takes in sbi clerk interview?? plz answer me in my id thats thanks


Recently i applied to nz for student visa but i wsnt able to convince visa officer nd now i hve applied again to nz,,i hv certain queries regarding interview plz guide me hw to ansr them queries r... visa officer asked ME why u waited for 5 years after b Com, ( i attaced experience as accountant for 5 years) why only diploma in IT businss IT, hw it relates to ur bcom qualificaition, whe nz only rather do it in india(wt shld i anwr here), why this institute, wht r ur long term plans, wt r future plans, wht wil u do aftr completing study(i said i wl find job anywhere in world bt visa officer ws nt satisfied),


I have done MBA(Finance & Mktng) back in 2009 and then join the BPO backend process for 1 year and done sap sd and now i m lkking for the sap sd or mba job ..please reply fast at if you have any suggestion...i need job immediatly...


Hi, I need help. Can you please Explain in details the following Unix commands: 1) ls -s | sort -nr | head -3 2) man –k c | grep –i ‘ c* ‘ | grep 1 Thank you, Jordan


Listening: 6.0 Reading: 5.0 Writing: 4.5 Speaking: 6.0 Overall: 5.5 Can I apply for my bachelor degree in Australia


what is diffrence windows 98 and 2000


the normal RBC count in adult male is?


please do tell me who the editor-in-chief of the Asian Age is as of 2011-12


what do you mean the mis report?


hi has anybody faced SBI associates PO GDPI? mine is on 29th. please share


hello..............Is this company BPO or ITES...........