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our country currently experiencing glow growth rate and a high inflation rate. what should be done in this situation by the government and what is the role of the bank?

Bank of Baroda,


how recession in america is affecting our economy?

Bank of Baroda,


i hv got a interview call from union bank of india for the post of assistant manager marketing.can anyone tell me how to prepare for this?

Union Bank,


hi,,pls guide me n selecting optionals for group1 services examinations,where as i m a managment student..pls help me out1


How do you determine and evaluate success?

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tell me about a time in which you worked effectively under pressue.


tell me about a time in which you gave a presentation in front of a group of people.


Any idea of SBI clerical joing date

State Bank Of India SBI,


tell me some thing about yourself?


What is MPLS

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can u send me bank po and bank clerk examination papers


describe the functions of the human skeleton


explain the functions of the human skeleton


describe the functions of the human skeleton


hi,,, can anybody got the offer letter from sbi for the recent clerical recruitment

State Bank Of India SBI,


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is this sentence correct ??? " i had completed "


When will the result of Bank of baroda clerical 2010 Intervu be declared?


1)difference betwen debit and credit card? 2)what is repo rate 3) how many branches are there in kvb? 4)basic operation of all banks? 5)bank rate? 6)ATM? 7)types of accounts in a bank? 8) what is CRR and what its present cRR


what is the difference between file base architecture and web based architecture in datastage?


hello..............Is this company BPO or ITES...........


hi i m ashu , i am selectd in sbi interview 2010 plz guys suggest me how to prepare for that...........


Describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed preventive measures


Can someone please help me out with interview Questions for SBI management executive exam? Is it expected to be same as SBI PO Interview, or it is expected to be a higher level interview? Please guide. Thanks in advance.


Hi ,can any one tell me wt 's SOA mean ?


is there any company in India where you can earn money from home by doing job online


Hey Guys, can somebody suggest me how to consantrate on study because i m going to appear a tough competative exam and i m detuch with study about 4,5 years.It's not a multipal choose type exam. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz suggest me.


What was the cut off for SSC Tax assistant examination in previous year and what may be the cut off this year?


Helo there. Whoever have been shortlisted for sbi interview and have it before 4th may,plz update wt questions where asked in the interview


when sbi is likely to declare final result for clerk exam. my interview was held on 28 apr 10.


I am working in BPO for more than 5 years? Now, I am in a position of SME. If, I got promotion, the next level would be Team Leader. But, I don't want to become a team leader because I am not interested in that area. Can any one suggest me to get good opportunities with high salary.