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Tagores gitanjali is a

Tagores gitanjali is a..

Answer / javed

A. Collection of dramas
B. Collection of poem
C. Collection of short stories
D. Novel

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How to check server status from xscf prompt

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name the first urbanization in india ?

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I am a service provider under the category of Custom House Agent. During the course of service I have to make some payments against specific shipments in account of client; the bills by other service providers port authority are raised against and in the name of the client whereas in some case(s) i have make payment as a facilitator on behalf of the client. Do I have to deduct tds on such payments which in fact are not my expediture as such payments are re- imbursed by the client.

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hi to all,, i got offer from accenture cmp with back door process as s/w developer,.is any body tell in tat cmp is doing this,,please tell,,,,,i am waiting for answers....

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At present how many assets of SBI.

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lovers love it. friends need it. relationship start with it. and life ends with it.

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speak about bagalore for 5mint

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