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Navionics Interview Questions
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Can any one solve this one?? **A server configuration is controlled from a single web page with multiple options:  20 drop-down menus, with 3-4 options each.  5 check-boxes.  1 multi-select menu, with 5 options.  1 template selection, with 6 options: A, B, C, D, E, F. o When options A, B, C, D are selected, all options (#1-#3) above are available. o When options E, F are selected, only 10 out of 20 drop-down menus have an effect.  Besides item #4, developers input is that all options are independent, I.e., not impacting each other. What is the required number of test configurations required in order to test the server configuration and release in good quality:  Assuming first release.  Assuming regression tests for release with new features not impacted by the above options. Test configuration is a complete set of options that were selected to be tested in one complete server configuration scenario. I.e, a test configuration is set of 17 or 27 specific options tested together.


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