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What action did you take?

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How did you decide on a particular level of service?

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What worked well and what didn't?

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How did you ensure delivery against those standards?

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What was the situation?

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How did you develop different types of people?

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How did you track progress?

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Who do you involve in this process?

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How successful were you?

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Tell me about a situation where it was important that you established credibility with someone.

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How did you start the process?

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Describe a time when you've has to make a decision that was likely to be unpopular with your team

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How did you decide on these actions?

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What results did you achieve?

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How successful were you and how do you know that?

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Give a relationship between concept, Hypothesis and Theory. What are the Salient features and classifications?


A. Describe how outsourcing works. Why would a firm want to outsource? B. What is role of safety stock in an MRP system?


is there is rule that service tax credit raises at point of time when we make payment or we can take service tax credit on basis of invoice we received ? for example if i have got the bill in april month and i have paid in july month than when i can take service tax credit in april or in july .


State & explain the various financial & non-financial incentives to motivate the people in an organisation.


If you are working in a Super market, what techniques / tools you will use in data collection. How are you going to analysis the data and make references? How will you apply your market research to improve sales and win over customers?


Differentiate between Policy and Procedure.


6. Case Study:- A Failure to Communicate Could you come to my office for a minute, Bob?’ Asked Terry ( the plant manager ). Sure, be right there,” said Bob Gemson. Bob was the plant’s quality control director. He had been with the company for four years. After completing his degree in mechanical engineering, he worked as a production supervisor and then as maintenance manger prior to promotion to his present job. Bob thought he knew what the call was about. “But letter of resignation catches me by surprise,’ began Terry. “1 know that Wilson products will be getting a good man, but we sure need you here, too”. “J thought about it a lot, ‘said Bob, “but there just doesn’t seem to be a future for me here. “ “Why do you say that’?” asked Terry. “Well,” replied Bob, “the next position above mine is yours. With you only thirty- nine,. I don’t think it’s likely that you’ll be leaving soon. “The fact is that I am leaving soon,’ said Terry. “That’s why it’s even more of a shock to know that you are resigning. I think I’ll be moving to the corporate offices in .Tune of next year. Besides, the company has several plants that are larger than this one. We need good people in those plants from time to time, both in quality control and in general management.” “Well, I heard about an opening in the Cincinnati plant last year,” said Bob, “but by the time I checked, the job had already been filled. We never know about job opportunities in the other plants until we read about them in the company paper ‘All this is beside the point now. What would it take to get you to change your mind?” asked Terry. “I don’t think I can change my mind now,” replied Bob. “I’ve already signed a contract with Wilson.’ Questions (a) Evaluate the communication system at this company. (b) What actions might have prevented Bob’s resignation?


Research serves a single purpose that of providing information to assist marketing manager to make better decisions? Elaborate this statement.


* i completed gratuation BBA but i passed 50% marks and i will give bank exam its valiad for bank


Hello I am rohit I have done BE but i have got the job in a start up comp. as a management trainee now I don't know what to learn Please help Me Thanks Rohit


Does anyone ever face the problem about Oracle MRP that in MRP planner workbench not show where used for some make item that make it generates wrong demand and supply


As a business analyst, what tools you think are more helpful?


What are the components of an interated HRD system?


as a logistic manager in an aviation company,what are 5 steps you would take to ensure that your company regain the lost market share,after dwindling sales of tickets?


Can Private company float shares to public ? If not, what is the procedure to make it public ?