suppose you experienced kind of condition where you have to
select one among your family member or your professional
career how do u proceed towards that?

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Answer / ashok motiani

First I will try to balance between both the conditions but
if I don't find the solution, I will try to convince my
family member emotionaly about the importance of career and
will manage to be professional towards my career.

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Answer / sakshi

I will choose my career,because my family is so much
attached to me that even I say this to them they will never
leave me,as far as career is concerned it will not wait for

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Answer / rajesh

Any-ways my family him-self find solution for all this kind
of issue but if there is any irotic situation,then sure
I'll be with my family and about career my capablity will
always work.

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Answer / raymond

I will decide if the benifits offered by the company
outweigh the importance of my family and then make my

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Answer / dr. bijoy das

There is something called the evaluation of priorities in your life, your socio-economic level, the level of expertise in the field in which your specialise, the saturation of this field, the nature of the familial responsibility which can be shouldered by other family member, the proximity of the family from the place of job/duty. A golden mean has to be achieved by outweighing the advantages/fallacies. These positive factors have to be maximised after integrating them in to a homogenous whole.

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