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Qiscet Interview Questions
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Three days and Three Nights Do Not Equal 72 Hours

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Three days and Three Nights Do Not Equal 72 Hours

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What is meant by spooling

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what is the name os the first os and tell me the year when it was discovered

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please send me minimum 15 library functions in c

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Which functions are used as preferences over state history? a) Award b) Reward c) Explicit d) Implicit


Can we change the password using ALTER? anyone tried and changed?


What is the difference between Lotus Notes 5.0 and Lotus Notes 7.0?


2. What functional area you worked on.


what is the transaction transaction for setting parameters rdisp/buffermode


tell me a unforgettable incident? which u never forget in ur life?


Hi! My OTP script has several bitmap checkpoints included which I check in the test results xml file. The test is for SAP 4.7. I need to save these bitmaps to files or at least export them to the html file using the export function in the test results viewer. Could you please help me with this problem? Thank you in advance! Best regards, Peter


tell me exact differenceb bw qtp and selenium?(could not tell open soure and licennce? difference in usage and technical difference?


what is e-tester?


How to establish connection with oracle database software from c language?


what is the main link between the income statement and the balance sheet?


What we mean by MAT Credit Entitlement ???


Explain the construction of the conservator, operation and purpose, and draw the diagram of the conservator.


What is the use of PF_INET and SOCK_STREAM?


I just want to maintain data like an employee can belongs to 3 or more departments . We can resolve this by using composite key but it avoids normalization rules. So Can anyone tell me how can I maintain data.


Qiscet Interview Questions
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