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Qiscet Interview Questions
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Three days and Three Nights Do Not Equal 72 Hours

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Three days and Three Nights Do Not Equal 72 Hours

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What is meant by spooling

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what is the name os the first os and tell me the year when it was discovered

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please send me minimum 15 library functions in c

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why we use impulse line of flow transmitter at 45 deg. angle both side of orifice plate.


what is the IS foe lightning arrester?


How to convert normal function module to bapi?


what are all the things will consider while doing sensitivity analysis?


What is Frequency domain Laplacian?


i want a program using by if, evaluate , string, unstring, perform, occurs?


What is difference between ESD and PLC please Explain me clearly.


Plot the pixel histogram( take any image) – count of values versus pixel intensity 0 to 255. You must write this from first principles – do not use the MATLAB hist command (although you may use it for comparison and checking your algorithm’s correctness). Plot the cumulative histogram. Do not use the cumsum function in MATLAB (write your own function to achieve this).


Is printf(?%d?,p); valid?


For removal of formwork of simply supported slab / beam from where to start the deshuttering? ( Max Bending moment of the simply supported beam is in the center hence is it required to start from the supports?)


What is the standard info set?


Debit Note & Credit Note?


I have been interview in next week my posting is accounts officer i have be manage with AP,AR,BRS and GL what Books i have read.


What output will this program produce System.out.println(x+"+"+y+"="+(x+));


All the IT Companies paid more Dividend” if Yes, explain in detail, if no Justify your answer.


Qiscet Interview Questions
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