Three days and Three Nights
Do Not Equal 72 Hours

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Answer / debashish tripathy

according to exact analysis a day consist of 23 hour 56min and41 sec. so in 3 day it equals to 71hour 50 min and 3 sec.....

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Answer / sushil

Some proponents of the Wednesday theory claim that when
Jesus said he would rise after "three days and three
nights" it means exactly 72 hours. They use statements from
the stories of the Flood of Noah in Genesis 6-8 (it rained
for forty days and forty nights) and Esther 4 (praying and
fasting for three days and three nights) to try and prove
this theory. They claim these events also had 12 hour days
and nights because the Hebrew day began at sunset and ended
at the next sunset. They use Jesus statement "Are there not
twelve hours of daylight?" in John 11:9 to try and prove
this theory. However, as can be seen by the analysis below
this is not true.

There were indeed about 12 hours of day, and 12 hours of
night, around the time of the Passover. However, this is
not true for other times of the year because the exact time
of sunset varies depending on the season of the year. If
you will look at a map of the world you will see that
Isreal is at the same latitude as Central USA. This means
the timing of our sunrise and sunset will be similar for
that location. When Jesus said the above statement in John
11:9 it was shortly before Passover, and therefore he was
referring to 12 hour increments around the time of
Passover. During Passover the sun rose about 6 AM and set
about 6 PM

Day and Night During the Flood of Noah:

Keeping in mind that Mt. Aarat is about the same longitude
as most of the USA--as you can see by the analysis of
Noah's flood below-- the 40 days and 40 nights occurred in
the months of Heshvan and Kislev (our Oct-Dec). By our
December we are experiencing the shortest days of the year
and therefore this theory is invalid when they claim the
days and nights have equal portions of 12 hours each.

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