who said english is easy ? fill this blanks with yes or
No..... 1._______________ i don't have a brain.
2._______________ I don't have sense. 3. _______________ i
am stupid. Try to fill . all the best

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Answer / sushil


Is This Answer Correct ?    59 Yes 35 No

Answer / h.w.a raj


Is This Answer Correct ?    27 Yes 16 No

Answer / farhan

who said english is easy?fi this blanks with Yes or No...... 1._______ I don't love you.

Is This Answer Correct ?    16 Yes 9 No

Answer / guest


Is This Answer Correct ?    26 Yes 22 No

Answer / prasad

no, no, no

Is This Answer Correct ?    18 Yes 16 No

Answer / rubica

no no yes

Is This Answer Correct ?    8 Yes 6 No

Answer / faisal


Is This Answer Correct ?    7 Yes 5 No

Answer / martin ntwaeaborwa

No,No, Yes

Is This Answer Correct ?    2 Yes 0 No

Answer / zamapenny

No No No

Is This Answer Correct ?    1 Yes 0 No

Answer / saikiranmanglarapu

Neither yes nor no
Neither yes nor no
Neither yes nor no

Is This Answer Correct ?    0 Yes 0 No

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