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write a prgram of swapping with 2 valiables

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Why c++ is called c++ and not c+?


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how to set Nth bit of a variable?

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what is the output on the screen? int n; n=printf("my name is %d",printf("kiran %d",printf("kumar"))); printf("\n %d \n",n);


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what is the output of below int n=10; (n++)++; printf("%d",n);

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why we need function pointers?

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how to find your architecture is LittleEndian or BigEndian?

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Linked list is a Linear or non linear explain if linear how it working as a non linear data structures


Write a program that takes a 5 digit number and calculates 2 power that number and prints it

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write a program wch produces its own source code aas its output?


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write a program which will count occurance of a day between two dates.


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how to set Nth bit of variable by using MACRO


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#include void main() { int a,b,c; a=b=c=1; c=++a || ++b && ++c; printf("%d\t%d\t%d",a,b,c); }

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write C code to reverse a string such that if i/p is "abc defg hij klmno pqrs tuv wxyz" and the o/p should be "cba gfed jih onmlk srqp vut zyxw"

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diff .between strcture and union

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cavium networks written test pattern ..


How to check whether string is a palindrome, WITHOUT USING STRING FUNCTIONS?


what is the structure pointer?


C program to find all possible outcomes of a dice?


write a program to print largest number of each row of a 2D array


void main(){ int a; a=1; while(a-->=1) while(a-->=0); printf("%d",a); }


stripos — Find position of first occurrence of a case- insensitive string int stripos ( char* haystack, char* needle, int offset ) Returns the numeric position of the first occurrence of needle in the haystack string. Note that the needle may be a string of one or more characters. If needle is not found, stripos() will return -1. The function should not make use of any C library function calls.


Write a programme using structure that create a record of students. The user allow to add a record and delete a record and also show the records in ascending order.


in iso what are the common technological language?


A banker has a seif with a cipher. Not to forget the cipher, he wants to write it coded as following: each digit to be replaced with the difference of 9 with the current digit. The banker chose a cipher. Decipher it knowing the cipher starts with a digit different than 9. I need to write a program that takes the cipher from the keyboard and prints the new cipher. I thought of the following: Take the input from the keyboard and put it into a string or an array. Go through the object with a for and for each digit other than the first, substract it from 9 and add it to another variable. Print the new variable. Theoretically I thought of it but I don't know much C. Could you give me any kind of hint, whether I am on the right track or not?


how to build a exercise findig min number of e heap with list imlemented?


If jack lies on Mon, Tue Wed and jill lies on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If both together tell they lied yesterday. So c the given options and then c cos in the given dates one will be saying the truth and one will be lying. I got Thursday as option because jack is saying the truth he lied yest but jill is lying again as he lies on that day.


code for quick sort?


The postoder traversal is 7,14,3,55,22,5,17 Then ur Inorder traversal is??? please help me on this


Without Computer networks, Computers will be half the use. Comment.