C Interview Questions
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write a prgram of swapping with 2 valiables

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Why c++ is called c++ and not c+?


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how to set Nth bit of a variable?

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what is the output on the screen? int n; n=printf("my name is %d",printf("kiran %d",printf("kumar"))); printf("\n %d \n",n);


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what is the output of below int n=10; (n++)++; printf("%d",n);

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why we need function pointers?

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how to find your architecture is LittleEndian or BigEndian?

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Linked list is a Linear or non linear explain if linear how it working as a non linear data structures


Write a program that takes a 5 digit number and calculates 2 power that number and prints it

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write a program wch produces its own source code aas its output?


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write a program which will count occurance of a day between two dates.


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how to set Nth bit of variable by using MACRO


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#include void main() { int a,b,c; a=b=c=1; c=++a || ++b && ++c; printf("%d\t%d\t%d",a,b,c); }

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write C code to reverse a string such that if i/p is "abc defg hij klmno pqrs tuv wxyz" and the o/p should be "cba gfed jih onmlk srqp vut zyxw"

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diff .between strcture and union

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i have to apply for the rbi for the post of officers. i need to know abt the entrance questions whether it may be aps or techinical....


How will you find a duplicate number in a array without negating the nos ?


If jack lies on Mon, Tue Wed and jill lies on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If both together tell they lied yesterday. So c the given options and then c cos in the given dates one will be saying the truth and one will be lying. I got Thursday as option because jack is saying the truth he lied yest but jill is lying again as he lies on that day.


largest Of three Number using without if condition?


a c code by using memory allocation for add ,multiply of sprase matrixes


write a C program: To search a file any word which starts with ?a?. If the word following this ?a? starts with a vowel.Then replace this ?a? with ?a? with ?an?. redirect with the output onto an output file.The source file and destination file are specified by the user int the command line.


what will be maximum number of comparisons when number of elements are given?


how to solve "unable to open stdio.h and conio.h header files in windows 7 by using Dos-box software


why programs in c are running with out #include? some warnings are display in terminal but we execute the program we get answer why? eg: main() { printf("hello world "); }


Explain the process of converting a Tree into a Binary Tree.


c language interview questions & answer


write a program to display all prime numbers


Q.1 write aprogram to stack using linklist o insert 40 items? Q.2 write a program to implement circular queue with help of linklist?


code for find determinent of amatrix


Write a c program to demonstrate character and string constants?