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diff. between *p and **p

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can u suggest me am in a confusion to choose whether to go to c programming or a software testing . am a graduate in B.sc(electronics).

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what is ANSI and ISO


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what are far pointers?

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how to swap 2 numbers in a single statement?

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how to swap 2 numbers within a single statement?

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i have a written test for microland please give me test pattern



what is the meaning of 'c' language

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#include void main() { int a [5]; for (i=0; i<=4; i++) printf(“%d” ,a[i]); }

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Write a program using bitwise operators to invert even bits of a given number.

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Write a program to find whether the given number is prime or not?

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Write a program to print the prime numbers from 1 to 100?

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In C program, at end of the program we will give as "return 0" and "return 1", what they indicate? Is it mandatory to specify them?

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how to TOGGLE Nth bit of variable in a MACRO


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write a c program to find the square of a 5 digit number and print the result.

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Suppose we have a table name EMP as below. We want to perform a operation in which, I want to change name ‘SMITH’ from as ‘SMITH JAIN’. Also I want to change the name of the column from ENAME to E_NAME. EMPNO ENAME JOB MGR HIREDATE SAL 7369 SMITH Coder 7902 17-DEC-80 800 7499 ALLEN SALESMAN 7698 20-FEB-81 1600 7521 WARD SALESMAN 7698 22-FEB-81 1250


what is bit rate & baud rate? plz give wave forms


write a program to input 10 strings and compare without using strcmp() function. If the character of one string matches with the characters of another string , sort them and make it a single string ??? example:- str1="Aakash" st2="Himanshu" str="Uday" output:- Aakashimanshuday (please post the answer as quickly as possible)


In cryptography, you could often break the algorithm if you know what was the original (plain) text that was encoded into the current ciphertext. This is called the plain text attack. In this simple problem, we illustrate the plain text attack on a simple substitution cipher encryption, where you know each letter has been substituted with a different letter from the alphabet but you don’t know what that letter is. You are given the cipherText as the input string to the function getwordSets(). You know that a plain text "AMMUNITION" occurs somewhere in this cipher text. Now, you have to find out which sets of characters corresponds to the encrypted form of the "AMMUNITION". You can assume that the encryption follows simple substitution only. [Hint: You could use the pattern in the "AMMUNITION" like MM occurring twice together to identify this]


write a c program to calculate sum of digits till it reduces to a single digit using recursion


how to find binary of number?


Create a structure to specify data on students given below: Roll number, Name, Department, Course, Year of joining Assume that there are not more than 450 students in the college. 1.write a function to print names of all students who joined in a particular year 2.write a function to print the data of a student whose roll number is given


What is your favorite subject?


Can you think of a logic behind the game minesweeper.


find the value of y y = 1.5x+3 for x<=2 y = 2x+5 for x>2


Wt are the Buses in C Language


To print the pattern 1 2 3 4 5 10 17 18 19 6 15 24 25 20 7 14 23 22 21 8 13 12 11 10 9


difference between object file and executable file


What is the difference between declaring a variable by constant keyword and #define ing that variable?


Hi can anyone tell what is a start up code?