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  • ABS interview questions (5)

ABS Interview Questions
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Difference between HTML and DHTML?

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A plane mirror is moved towards a stationary observer with a speed of 4ms-1. The speed at which his image will move towards him is (1) 2 ms?1 (2) 4 ms?1 (3) 8 ms?1 (4) Zero

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Differences between UNIQUE and DISTINCT in select statements

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give single line diagram of D.O.L and star -Delta starter ?

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What is journal entry to create the Provision for Bad & Doubtful debts?

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Write a program that takes a 5 digit number and calculates 2 power that number and prints it

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hi all i like to know vat is power plot in control systems also i want to know abt latest trends in electrical & electronics


What is used for tracking uncertain events? a) Filtering algorithm b) Sensors c) Actuators d) None of the mentioned


how do u plan test automation?


what are the important fields while preparing sales order,inquiry?


what is hypercare and go live support?


operations Executive


What is difference between “Fault Tolerant” & “Fault avoidance” PLC? Application where these system s are used?


what is the difference between DVB-S& DVB-S2


How to generate QA Report for all contracts?


Is challan billing allowed in inter state transfer of goods between two companies??


How can you force new objects to be created on new threads?


What is the difference between conduction type motor and induction type motor?


How to open a universe with out using the Designer ??


1) what do you mean by " expressly admissible expenses" ? 2) how do you gross up the value in the following cases-- (a) net interest received on bank deposites. (b) net amount received on winning from lottery.


Which DB using by Visulal Source Safe ? Can we assign our won database to VSS? or it have any default DB ?


ABS Interview Questions
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