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the question is that what you have been doing all these periods (one year gap)



for(i=1;i>0;i++); printf("i=%d",i); what will be the answer????

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for(i=0;i=printf("Hello");i++); printf("Hello"); how many times how will be printed?????????

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How can we see the Expanded source code and compiled code for our source program in C?

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can we write a program in c for printf and scanf without using header file stdio.h

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what is use of loop?


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how to get the starting address of file stored in harddisk through 'C'program.


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Name the language in which the compiler of "c" in written?


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Write a C++ program without using any loop (if, for, while etc) to print numbers from 1 to 100 and 100 to 1;

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how to make c program without a libary? e.g.#include libary is not in c progaram.

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what are the general concepts of c and c++

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how to create c progarm without void main()?


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what type of language is C?


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name the language for writing c compiler?


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where does it flourished?



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Explain output of printf("Hello World"-'A'+'B'); ?


can any one please explain, how can i access hard disk(physical address)? it is possible by the use of far,near or huge pointer? if yes then please explain......


pgm to find number of words starting with capital letters in a file(additional memory usage not allowed)(if a word starting with capital also next letter in word is capital cann't be counted twice)


will u please send me the placement papers to my mail???????????????????


1.int a=10; 2.int b=20; 3. //write here 4.b=30; Write code at line 3 so that when the value of b is changed variable a should automatically change with same value as b. 5.


what is a function method?give example?


what is use of malloc and calloc?


how to find anagram without using string functions using only loops in c programming


write a program which the o/p should b in such a way that s triangle if I/p is 3,a Square/rectangle if I/P=4,a pentagon if I/P=5 and so on...forget about the I/P which is less than 3


string reverse using recursion


provide an example of the Group by clause, when would you use this clause


A banker has a seif with a cipher. Not to forget the cipher, he wants to write it coded as following: each digit to be replaced with the difference of 9 with the current digit. The banker chose a cipher. Decipher it knowing the cipher starts with a digit different than 9. I need to write a program that takes the cipher from the keyboard and prints the new cipher. I thought of the following: Take the input from the keyboard and put it into a string or an array. Go through the object with a for and for each digit other than the first, substract it from 9 and add it to another variable. Print the new variable. Theoretically I thought of it but I don't know much C. Could you give me any kind of hint, whether I am on the right track or not?


why wipro wase


hi friends how r u as soon in satyam my interview is start but i m very confusued ta wat i do plz help me frndz wat can i do plz tell me some question and answers related with "C" which r asked in the interview .


I need a help with a program: Write a C program that uses data input in determining the whole of points A and a whole of circles B. Find two points in A so that the line which passes through them, cut through the maximum number of circles.