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what is the difference between #include and #include "stdio.h" ?

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Why preprocessor should come before source code?

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What is a far pointer?What is the utility?

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Difference between null pointer and dangling pointer?

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1. Write the function int countchtr(char string[ ], int ch); which returns the number of times the character ch appears in the string. Example, the call countchtr(“She lives in NEWYORK”, ‘e’) would return 3.

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what are the languages used in c#?


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write an algorithm to get a sentence and reverse it in the following format: input : I am here opuput: Here Am I note: first letter of every word is capiatlised

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write a 'c' program to sum the number of integer values

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How to convert a binary number to Hexa decimal number?? (Note:Do not convert it into binary and to Hexadecimal)

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Find the middle node in the linked list?? (Note:Do not use for loop, count and count/2)


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hw can we delete an internal node of binary search tree the internal node has child node..plz write progarm



I use turbo C which allocates 2 bytes for integers and 4 bytes for long. I tried to declare array of size 500000 of long type using the following code... long *arr; arr=(long *)(malloc)(500000 * sizeof(long)); It gives a warning that "Conversion may lose significant digits in function main"... And the resulting array size was very less around 8400 as compared to 500000. Any suggestions will be welcomed....

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Total of how many functions are available in c?

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size maximum allocated by calloc()


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we all know about the function overloading concept used in C++ and we all learnt abt that.... but that concept is already came in C in a very smaller propotion ... my question is IN WHICH CONCEPT THERE IS A USE OF FUNCTION OVERLOADING IS USED in C language?????????????


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A set of N billiard balls are set on a one-dimensional table. The table is 1 meter long, set north-south with two pockets at either side. Each ball has zero width and there is no friction so it is moving with a fixed velocity of either northward or southward and bounces back in a perfect elastic collision from other balls it encounter on its way (or drop into one of the pockets). Your job is to keep track of the balls movements. Task Please write a program that gets the initial place, speed and direction of all the balls and gives the position of a specific ball after t seconds. Input The first line contains the number of scenarios. Each one of the other lines in the input contains a scenario: The first number, N, is the number of balls; followed by N pairs of numbers: the distance in centimeters from the south end of the table and the speed (positive speed meaning it moves northward); the last two numbers are the number i of the target ball you should track and the time T in seconds. Output The output is a single number for each line which is the place (distance in centimeters from the south end of the table) of the tracked ball after T seconds. Note: There is no new line character at the end of the result. Sample Input 5 1 50 1 1 1000 1 50 1 1 6 1 60 -2 1 6 2 10 1 95 -1 2 30 2 10 1 95 -1 2 60 Sample Output 100 56 48 65 70


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Explain the process of converting a Tree into a Binary Tree.


In this problem you are to write a program that will cut some number of prime numbers from the list of prime numbers between 1 and N.Your program will read in a number N; determine the list of prime numbers between 1 and N; and print the C*2 prime numbers from the center of the list if there are an even number of prime numbers or (C*2)-1 prime numbers from the center of the list if there are an odd number of prime numbers in the list.


write an algorithm to display a square matrix.


Which is the memory area not included in C program? give the reason


what is event driven software and what is procedural driven software?


application attempts to perform an operation?


what is uses of .net


hi any body pls give me company name interview conduct "c" language only


write a program to display all prime numbers


what is ur strangth & weekness


Can you think of a logic behind the game minesweeper.


#include #include struct stu { int i; char j; }; union uni { int i; char j; }; void main() { int j,k; clrscr(); struct stu s; j=sizeof(s); printf("%d",j); union uni u; k=sizeof(u); printf("%d",k); getch(); } what is value of j and k.


write a program to print data of 5 five students with structures?