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WAP to accept basic salary of an employee? Calculate it HRA=25%,DA=30%,PF=30%&net salary display all contents?

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WAP to accept rollno,course name & marks of a student & display grade if total marks is above 200?

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WAP to accept first name,middle name & last name of a student display its initials?


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Blade logic interview question. 1st round is a written tests with 15 multiple questions from c and c++. All are simple basic question. Like int main () { Int i=65; Return printf(ā€œ%cā€, i); } 2nd and 3rd round is technical interview. The position for which I was interview was core UNIX and c. Yes it is for system programming. The company has product name blade server. For their server they are creating their own command for their purpose. Example cd command. We can implement it in a c program by using the chdir() function. So the question asks related to PID, fork, pipe, shared memory, signal. Write a program in c which will act as cp command.

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who did come first hen or agg


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what is the function of .h in #include in c ?

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what is the difference between #include and #include"stdio.h" ?


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main() { printf("hello%d",print("QUARK test?")); }

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main() { int i,j,A; for(A=-1;A<=1;A++) prinf("%d\t",!!A); }

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#define f(x) main() { printf("\n%d",f(2+2)); }

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what is the function of void main()?

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write an algorithm which can find the largest number among the given list using binary search ............... this was asked in the interview

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what is the difference between normal variables and pointer variables..............

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what is a static function


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hi friends how r u as soon in satyam my interview is start but i m very confusued ta wat i do plz help me frndz wat can i do plz tell me some question and answers related with "C" which r asked in the interview .

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2) Write a program that will help Air Traffic Control for an airport to view the sequence of flights ready for take-off. The airport can accommodate 10 flights waiting for take-off at any point in time. Each flight has a unique 3 digit numeric identifier.  Each time a flight takes-off, Air Traffic Control adds a flight to the waitlist. Each time a flight is added to the waitlist, the list of flights waiting to take-off must be displayed.  When a flight is cleared for take-off, Air Traffic Control removes the flight from the waitlist. Each time a flight takes-off, the list of flights waiting to take-off must be displayed.  Sequence of take-off is the sequence of addition to the waitlist


i got 75% in all semester am i eligible for your company


How to delete a node from linked list w/o using collectons?


You are to write your own versions of strcpy() and strlen (). Call them mystrcpy() and mystrlen(). Write them first as code within main(), not as functions, then, convert them to functions. You will pass two arrays to the function in the case of mystrcpy(), the source and target array.


Linked list is a Linear or non linear explain if linear how it working as a non linear data structures


Write a program to compute the similarity between two strings - The program should get the two strings as input - Then it will output one single number which is the percentage of similarity between the two strings


In which layer of the network datastructure format change is done


write a program that types this pattern: 12345678987654321 12345678 87654321 1234567 7654321 123456 654321 12345 54321 1234 4321 123 321 12 21 1 1


show how link list can be used to repersent the following polynomial i) 5x+2


what is uses of .net


Draw a flowchart to produce a printed list of all the students over the age of 20 in a class .The input records contains the name and age of students. Assume a sentinel value of 99 for the age field of the trailer record


what is the c source code for the below output? 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 9 9 7 6 6 6 6 6 6 9 7 5 9 7 3 2 2 5 9 7 3 1 5 9 7 3 5 9 7 4 4 4 4 5 9 7 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 9


How to implement a packet in C


write a program to generate address labels using structures?


4-Take two sets of 5 numbers from user in two arrays. Sort array 1 in ascending and array 2 in descending order. Perform sorting by passing array to a function mySort(array, sortingOrder). Then multiply both the arrays returned from function, using metric multiplication technique in main. Print result in metric format.