C Interview Questions
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To what value are pointers initialized? 1) NULL 2) Newly allocated memory 3) No action is taken by the compiler to initialize pointers.


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Which of the following sorts is quickest when sorting the following set: 1 2 3 5 4 1) Quick Sort 2) Bubble Sort 3) Merge Sort

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Which of the following data structures is on average the fastest for retrieving data: 1) Binary Tree 2) Hash Table 3) Stack

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Evaluate the following: int fn(int v) { if(v==1 || v==0) return 1; if(v%2==0) return fn(v/2)+2; else return fn(v-1)+3; } for fn(7); 1) 10 2) 11 3) 1

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What character terminates all strings composed of character arrays? 1) 0 2) . 3) END

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True or false: If you continuously increment a variable, it will become negative? 1) True 2) False 3) It depends on the variable type

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Which of the following is not a valid declaration for main ()? 1) int main() 2) int main(int argc, char *argv[]) 3) They both work

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Which is not valid in C? 1) class aClass{public:int x;} 2) /* A comment */ 3) char x=12;

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void swap(int a,int b) { a=a+b; b=a-b; a=a-b; } in this code always gives the same result for all case

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if a five digit number is input through the keyboard, write a program to calculate the sum of its digits. (hint:-use the modulus operator.'%')

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in iso what are the common technological language?


Write a program or provide a pseudo code to flip the 2nd bit of the 32 bit number ! (Phone Screen)

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what is the diff b/w static and non static variables in C. Give some examples plz.


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Add 2 64 bit numbers on a 32 bit machine

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Write a program to accept a character & display its corrosponding ASCII value & vice versa?

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write a program to reverse a every alternetive words in a string in a place. EX: Input is "this is the line of text" Output should be "shit is eht line fo text" Please any one tell me code for that.


Write a program that accept anumber in words


write a programe to accept any two number and check the following condition using goto state ment.if a>b,print a & find whether it is even or odd and then print.and a


How do we make a global variable accessible across files? Explain the extern keyword?


 write a program that will open the file, count the number of occurences of each word in the the complete works of shakespeare.  You will then tabulate this information in another file.


pgm to find number of words starting with capital letters in a file(additional memory usage not allowed)(if a word starting with capital also next letter in word is capital cann't be counted twice)


What is the package for freshers(Non IIT) in amazon(hyderabad). And what is the same for those who are a contract employee.


writ a program to compare using strcmp VIVA and viva with its output.


Write an algorithm for implementing insertion and deletion operations in a singly linked list using arrays ?


code for replace tabs with equivalent number of blanks


What is the difference between test design and test case design?


how to write optimum code to divide a 50 digit number with a 25 digit number??


Write a program in "C" to calculate the root of a quadratic equation ax^2+bx+c=0, where the value of a,b & c are known.


Sir i need notes for structure,functions,pointers in c language can you help me please


write a c programming using command line argument,demonstrate set operation(eg;union,intersection,difference) example output is c:>setop 12 34 45 1 union 34 42 66 c:>setop 12 34 1 42 66 c:>setop 12 34 diff 12 56 67 78 setop 12 34