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I faced a case : One person "P" registered for a plot amounted to almost Rs 400000 to a real state company, XYZ. But XYZ is unable to provide the plot even after 2 years. So they are returning back the money along with the interest. Interst amount is almost Rs 66000. XYZ company is deducting the TDS from the interest. Are this company is doing right by deducting the TDS from the interest income? The profile of person Case 1 : P is a student and don't have any income. Case 2 : P is earning more than 10000 pm if interest income is included.



Hello this topic is on: Trademark(passing) 1) What is the sigificance of deception in misrepresentation under passing off? 2) What is the concept of 'moron in a hurry'? 3) What does damage to goodwill means? Thanks:)


which act have to follow for court marriage


Which article contains fundamental duties ?

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what is the full form of nalsar?

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What is the date issue of WCT Certificate Contractor?


optimal mindset



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in case death of employ gratuity recieved by its legal hiers . so wht will b its treatment from income tax point of view in the hannd of diceased (employe) and the legal hier?


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difference between holding company and a sub sidiary company

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Company "A" has just secured a contract for the provision of 100 cars for the use of company "B" at various locations. Company "B" will be paying Company "A" monthly for the use of each car. Company "B" has employed and trained drivers that will handle the cars. Advise company'A" on the most appropriate mode of financing option stating reasons. Either as a finance lease,operating lease or hire purchase.



Please give an example solutions of Professional Tax Calculations?


Please give any one of the standard book name for Provident Fund Act & Rules and ESI.


Where can i get the details about case laws?


dear sir we have only one marathi teacher in our school and she sirplus how we save her we are ready to give other teacher


Un-Answered Questions { Law }

When was the last time you had to work to complete a task against a deadline?


Whether TDS is to be Deducted from Freight inward And Freight Outward?


What is the difference between UCP 600 & ISBP ?


Proof reading,style setting, and fomating of text done by any person is coverd the net of service tax??


What should a stenographer do if a witness who is scheduled for a court appearance does not show up to testify?


one of my foreigner friend's father died in car accident,he had a sum of $4700000 forty seven lakh us dollar with nomine my partner now no body is there to look after her that and she wants to transfer all this money in my account so that she can join me in India freely,so please advise me about the circular of law and banking,i have no idea about that.


TRANSACTION BETWEEN COUNTRIES(ie purchase from singapre and directly selling to other sitting in india) whether possible?


You are request to reply these quieries, are below mentioned statement are true? (1) Deduction in respect of maintenance including medical treatment of a dependent who is person of disability shall be allowed to a non resident in India. (2) Only 35% of income from growing and manufacturing of rubber is liable to tax. (3) A business loss can be setoff against income from speculation business but loss in respect of speculation business can only be set-off against income of another speculation business. (4) Remuneration received by Member of Parliament are taxable under the head “profit and gains from business or profession. (5) Zero coupon bond shall be treated as “short term capital asset” if held for more than 12 months but not more than 36 months.


Is there any full form for "LAW" ???


What have you done during your vacations?


How many pending cases are there in INDIA?


Why are some professions exempt from Jury duty?


when was started salt stahagragam


HI! I am icwai student. What is the difference between the "Contract of Service" and Contract for Service" in employment. Give some example also. Please it's really helpful to me. Thank you!


whether there is any vacancy for the post of Lecturer? as i have passed NET EXAM this year plz give me information.