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Taxation Interview Questions
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is provision for bad and doubtful debts an operating cost?

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what is the difference between real expense and operating expense?

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What is the present Central sales tax rate in India? Also let me know the maxium and minium sales tax rate in India.

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When calculating tds on a service bill ,TDS need to be calclated on "Base Amount" or "Base Amount"+ "Service tax" ? please answer with relevant provision

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Give details about TDS and its applicapable rates of latest year.

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what is tds and why its charged on pament or receipt

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Please let me know the where i submit the manual tds return. & what is the proceser of etds return. Deepak

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What is deffered tax? Explain breifly.

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What is difference between Gross salay and CTC?


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What is the difference between fund flow and cash flow for a company?

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Can any one clearly difine what is Works Contract with suitable exemple

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what is the rate of taxes for works contract

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what is fbt can anybody send me rate of fbt

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what are taxes imposed in mumbai if goods comes from vijayawada to mumbai

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what is TCS? and why it is collect by Government?


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What is meant by asset clearance . how should i make my entries in tally


Which form used for registration in GST?


what is the entry tax explain briefly?


what is tax avoiding?


what is the circle of tds and its rate chart


Please help me to find VAT Rates of the follwing Items in A.P 1.Fiber Glass -CSM -Roving W.R Polyster Resin G.P{general purpose)Roofing,ISO Thanks & Regards Mohan .V


How can the management breakup the salary of employee(if salary Rs.10000/-) which % they calculate the Basic,T.A,D.A,H.RA.and e.t.c.


for applying way bill for to send the materials from one state to onother state for a part load ( not full exclussive truck load)through transporter,dose it required vehical registration number or only transporter details can do.(as for part load , transporter unable to inform the vehical number in advance).kindly advise.


if a buyer paid full cst 14.5% for a redistrable assect then whatis the registration process?


How to calculate the TDS


Beginning Balance, Dec. 31, 20xx Creditable Income Tax 211,829.00 Income Tax Payable (132,808.00) > Balance 79,021.00 ITR (1st Quarter) - Jan. 31, 2016 - Mar. 31, 20xx Normal Tax (30% of Taxable Income) 2,205.02 MCIT (2% of Gross Income) 7,865.71 Aggregate Income Tax Due (Normal Tax vs. MCIT whichever is hihger) 7,865.71 Less: Tax Credits/Payments Prior Years Excess Credits 79,021.00 Creditable Tax Withheld - 79,021.00 Tax Payable, per return (71,155.29) What should be the entry in my book to record the above transactions? Thank you!


SELLER A : has a w/house in chennai and bangalore both and the BUYER B is based in chennai. SELLER A carries stock in both the locations. Can BUYER B buy who is based in Chennai request purchase from Bangalore through C-form .. and if so will there be any obligation on the Seller A


Can I use a single way bill for 1 vehicle dispatching material from multiple consigners to a single consignee???


What is calculate of tds


meaning of accessory for central excise purpose