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Taxation Interview Questions
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Can anybody give the rates of TDS for daily purchased things like food,metal,wine,electrical item,civil items etc.

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when company issue c form to the seller it has to issue full amount of purchases or it has to deduct the 2% of cst amt Ex; purchase for rs.10000/- which includes 40 cst we have to issue c form for rs.9960 or we have to issue for rs.10000/- which one is correct

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profarma of computation of total income?

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what is bank reconcillation statment,balance sheet,thumb rules of accounts,depreciation?

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Which book is best for fringe benefit tax ( FBT )

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which book is best for VAT ( gujarat ) & TDS


how to record journal entry for tds on salary on quarterly basis?

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Can we get benefit of TDS deducted in FY 2005-06 and I have received Form 16A from Payee in FY 2008-09 i.e after 3yrs.

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what is the deffirent between TDS & TCS

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what is form 'H'? and why its used in Manufacturing Industry?


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how many type of tax form used for sales tax, vat,service tax, excise duty & other tax ? what is the theory of all type of taxes applied in india ?

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my company taken a loan from bank and it's interest per annum is more then 10,000 /- then my company deduct tds from interest amt


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What is difference between PAN No and TAN No

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my tds has been deducted for financial year 2008-2009,will i get tds certificate for that and when,what is the use of the certificate

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i am peeyush tiwari working in ignou as accounts assistant my salary is 8000/-pm i want to know that how much tds i have to pay and how and my job nature is contractual basis

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if the reparing & machinery maintanance for one party the whole year payment paid rs.75000/- crossed than tds is deducted from amount


Company A from Maharashtra dispatch material directly to company C in Maharashtra & Billed to Company B in Karnataka. Co. A raised billed to Co. B charged local VAT., Co. B raised bill on Co. C tax rate NIL. Can Co. C claimed on VAT amount ?


what was the VAT rate on inverters(home ups) in karnataka on 2016??


How to determine TDS on Salary ? what are Limit for HRA ,insurance premium , Loan installment, children education fee etc. what type of Deductions for salary. please Explain Full and complete this concept with one example which cover all aspects regarding TDS on Salary.


explain the special provisions for computing profit and gains of retail business


In TDS Challan, i had written the TAN No of my company wrongly and i file it to the Govt. what can i do now? is there any problem reg this? wat is my next step? shall i give any letter to TDS Circle in this regarding? how can i approach them? Kindly help me immdly with the procedure.


plzzzzzz help me friend my question is, is the tds of part of income tax and when it deduct from salary and why becose tds is deduct only secoundry primary income like lotory etc..


Rules for filling Income Tax return for a MNC?


What is total income?


What is the commitment to the bankers against L/C ? They need any colletral Security or any deposit ? What is terms & conditions of L/c?


What do you mean by fair rent?


Service tax applicable or not for Govt Guest House contract work.


how to creat e-vat return in tally


How should the personal assets of a salaried employee be shown in his books of accounts ?


What is cenvat credit?