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Can anybody give the rates of TDS for daily purchased things like food,metal,wine,electrical item,civil items etc.

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when company issue c form to the seller it has to issue full amount of purchases or it has to deduct the 2% of cst amt Ex; purchase for rs.10000/- which includes 40 cst we have to issue c form for rs.9960 or we have to issue for rs.10000/- which one is correct

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profarma of computation of total income?

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what is bank reconcillation statment,balance sheet,thumb rules of accounts,depreciation?

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Which book is best for fringe benefit tax ( FBT )

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which book is best for VAT ( gujarat ) & TDS


how to record journal entry for tds on salary on quarterly basis?

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Can we get benefit of TDS deducted in FY 2005-06 and I have received Form 16A from Payee in FY 2008-09 i.e after 3yrs.

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what is the deffirent between TDS & TCS

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what is form 'H'? and why its used in Manufacturing Industry?


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how many type of tax form used for sales tax, vat,service tax, excise duty & other tax ? what is the theory of all type of taxes applied in india ?

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my company taken a loan from bank and it's interest per annum is more then 10,000 /- then my company deduct tds from interest amt


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What is difference between PAN No and TAN No

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my tds has been deducted for financial year 2008-2009,will i get tds certificate for that and when,what is the use of the certificate

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i am peeyush tiwari working in ignou as accounts assistant my salary is 8000/-pm i want to know that how much tds i have to pay and how and my job nature is contractual basis

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I want to know about the site where i can do online application for F form. Please suggest site address and procedure.


The CST assessement for the FY 2006-07 is completed on 31-3- 2010 and the same is received by dealer on 22-4-10. The question is that the dealer colud not produced the original H Forms at the time time asst. except the photostat copies filed. But the CTO not allowed and calculate tax at net 4% on H Forms turnover. CTO is saying that it is time barred by 31-3-10. Therefore even after produced we can not revise. We filed with case laws that it can be revised But when it is time barred it canot be. Therefore I request You to help the dealer ANYCASE LAW is there in the above case Pl. guide us.


We have got 5 firms. Same partner only running all the firms. Salary is going from one firm. But if we go for PT registration it is asking number of employees. I don't know how to fill the form in online. Any one can help me?


How to calculate the TDS


procedure to get Raw Material free of excise duty under Central Excise Act,


Dear Sir, we have purchased Poly Covers ( 360mm x 560mm)for raw material use.This Input vat claim it or not ?


Type of form use in sales Tax


How is income tax calculated?


Hi, I need the clarification in Tax Rate in Karnataka for Frozen foods like Paratha, Briyani, Pasta's Please share the information for me


is a pvt ltd. comp. can give advance against salary to his director.




What is the limitation for loan from pvt ltd company to other sole proprietor company suppose 25 lakhs given. what is the rule at the time of income tax point of view. Please clarify anybody....


hi how can we know and how to caulata pf. caucaltion of diffrent copany how much rate of pf deducted by company which is the best site to know our pf information


which purchases is profitable for us a building material purchases from direct of contactor ?


What is VAT TDS? when it is applied & at what rate?