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Give details about TDS and its applicapable rates of latest

Give details about TDS and its applicapable rates of latest year...

Answer / rajeev4u.kumar

Tds on contract

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what is the process of paid unpaid in service tax

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what is excise duty and how can we mantain its account in outgoing and incoming of bill status.

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how to pass advance excise duty entry in tally erp9.2

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basic knowledge of accounting ?

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i want to leanr the TDS on Salaries and TDS rates

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What are the capital gains exempt from Tax?

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What is the difference beteen service tax & Excise Duty ?

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what is the last date to submitted of TDS and VAT And after due date what is the fine to be payable.

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Service tax applicable or not for Govt Guest House contract work.

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what is excise duty? what is excise duty percentage on sales?

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what is tax asesssement.

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My question is that if only 20% amount of lic is elgible in one financial year for tax exemption, than one time instalment in lic is elgible for tax exemption ?. for suppose i invest 25000 Rs. only one time in lic.pls. tell me it is elgible or not.

2 Answers